Creating Empowering Relationships at Work

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Learning to Love Our Work

Regardless of the type of work we do, most of us spend a great deal of time “at work.” The quality of the time we spend at work is greatly influenced by the relationships we create with those we must work including bosses, peers, subordinates and, of course, customers and suppliers. Imagine you could dramatically improve your relationships at work while becoming happier and more productive yourself. You can through the  understanding and practice of CTypes in your work (Beyond Myer Briggs article).

Let’s face it. Work and business are all about relationships. From multinational corporations to home businesses, the enterprises with the best relationships are usually the most successful businesses. The people with the best relationships at work are usually happiest in their work–and most productive, too. Think back in your life to a time when you were most happy in your work. I’ll bet the quality of your relationships was high. Contrast that most satisfying time with the time when you were most unhappy at work. I’ll wager these unhappy times were rife with poor or dysfunctional relationships.

As a founder of a company that grew to have 200 employees, I found CTypes to be my most powerful tool for solving problems with subordinates–and growing my people. When my Marketing and Sales people were at odds with Operations, it was CTypes to the rescue. When my Sales people were having trouble creating and growing relationships with customers and potential customers, CTypes became a big and effective part of our improvement strategy.

Now, Linda and I are a two-person company. Still, we use CTypes every day in our business and with each other. A husband and wife working every day in the same home office can be challenging, yes? Of course we have our moments when our minds run amuck. It can be dealing with customers, suppliers, partners and, quite naturally, each other. CTypes shows us exactly how to best handle those situations. There is, however, one critically important player missing from this work related relationship dance—Me!

No matter how challenging working relationships may be, there is always one person who is integral to healing, enhancing, and deepening any work related relationship. That someone is, as Michael Jackson sings so well, The Man in the Mirror. Man or women, it is you. The extent and depth to which you can heal any relationship with another is gated by your willingness to grow and deepen your relationship with yourself. In our now more than 20 years of applying CTypes at work, Linda and I have not found a more useful practice for  our own personal and spiritual growth (CTypes Relationships Guides). Work or home, it’s all life, yes? Work or home, it’s all about our relationships with self and others, yes? CTypes are central to how we relate with self and others and, practiced in the workplace, a breakthrough in solving problems, healing relationships and building better businesses (CType Leadership Guides).