Working with Virgo Star Sign/CType

Leaders and Managers Working with Virgo Star Sign/CType

1 Virgo2 300x300 Working with Virgo Star Sign/CTypeThe following are examples of using CType as a teacher, leader or manager to solve problems with a Virgo CType in a work situation. These short accounts are of actual situations which were addressed by assisting Virgo CType to move to his or her opposite. These accounts are from our CType Leadership Guides.

Real Life Example #1: Moving Virgo to His Opposite (Pisces)

A Virgo CEO of a software company and his management team of about fifteen executives participated in one of my courses designed to accelerate cultural change in the workplace. This Chinese man was considered very closed by his people, and frustration levels were high, especially among the other founders of the company. I had worked with him on developing a vision for the company, but he wanted to do it in his Virgo way, which meant by himself with little outside influence. He was not interested in participating in a vision process, maintaining certainty about what the vision should contain and how it should be presented. His vision was an expression of how he viewed the world within his cement egg and was not the powerful dream that would pull and guide his people. I knew that the only way this CEO would grow and open up was to move away from Virgo and toward Pisces.

This man cared deeply about his people, even though his Virgo Masculine Mind would not allow him to express it. I looked for a way to help him move to Pisces by leading him to focus on his caring for his people. When the time was right, I asked him to share his vision with his people and to focus on how much he cared about them and how that caring fit in with his vision. It was a wonderful process in which he allowed his Feminine Mind to express his caring in a way that his people had never experienced before. It was an emotional time for everyone, and the vision became real for all members of the company for the first time. The entire group could feel this man’s love for them, and it bonded them at a much deeper level than ever before.

Real Life Example #2: Moving Virgo to His Opposite (Pisces)

Dan, a Virgo, was an excellent process engineer who worked for me at my company. When we first hired him, he was energetic, open, and a great team player. He re-engineered a number of processes, producing outstanding improvements in productivity and quality while lowering cost. However, over time, he seemed to lose his enthusiasm for the job and became somewhat isolated and even surly at times. He was particularly unhappy about our decisions to move forward with new processes that significantly changed his older ones. He seemed to be dragging his feet in implementing our most important new technologies, treating them with the same sense of urgency as less important upgrades or regular maintenance. Without knowing his problems, I knew he was doing too much Virgo, and the solution to his problem was to assist him in moving to his opposite, Pisces.

My VP of Engineering and I brought Dan into our conference room and did a brainstorm around all of the issues that were concerning him. We identified the most important issues (80/20) and found that Dan had two main concerns: 1) He felt we had steamrolled him in the decision-making process, and 2) Where he once was in a starring role, he was now being relegated to doing mundane projects.

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