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Leaders and Managers Working with Scorpio Star Sign/CType

3 Scorpio2 300x300 Working with Scorpio Star Sign/CTypeThe following are examples of using CType as a teacher, leader or manager to solve problems with a Scorpio CType in a work situation. These short accounts are of actual situations which were addressed by assisting Scorpio CTypes to move to their opposite. These accounts are from our CType Leadership Guides.

Real Life Example #1: Scorpio Moving to His Opposite (Taurus)

I am doing some executive coaching with Bob, a Scorpio business owner. Previously, he had, over a period of years, become excited and passionate about project after project while gullibly trusting the people who partnered with him on those projects. These projects failed miserably due to a number of issues, mostly poor timing, unreliable partners, and inadequate follow through. To some degree, all these issues could be linked to him doing too much Scorpio. Now, his new business is experiencing growing problems along with the drama that seems to shadow Bob wherever he goes.

We put his company On the Wall and identified the critical 20% of the issues that were creating 80% of the problems (80/20 rule). As expected, the solution to most of these issues is for him to move to his opposite, Taurus. We created Action Items that included upgrading his sales and administrative systems using a systems-based (Taurus) approach. He had put most of his business eggs in one (exciting) basket. We looked to balance his revenue base, putting some energy on mundane but steady and profitable products that could act as a foundation for growing the business.

Bob, in his passion for hitting a grand slam home run in his business, had neglected to some extent his family and himself. He was on the road much of the time, eating poor quality food, never exercising, and feeling constantly stressed. Using a move to Taurus, we created step-by-step Action Items that required Bob to get the exercise he wanted, eat better, and meditate regularly to reduce stress while instituting a new customer service system that did not require him to be on the road so much. As I write this, Bob is in the middle of his move to his opposite, so we do not yet have results. However, we can say that Bob’s attitude about life has improved significantly as he has taken steps (Taurus actions) to improve his business, health, and life at home.

Real Life Example #2: Scorpio Moving to His Opposite (Taurus)

This is a sad story of Scorpio doing too much Scorpio. It is my story. Before I became familiar with CTypes, I had built a successful $10 million business and had another very promising $2 million business that looked ready to take off. We decided to merge the two companies and do a public offering with the combined company. It was an exciting time for me as I focused intently on the initial public offering (IPO).

The underwriter required me to hire a high profile president who would be in charge of day-to-day operations. According to the underwriter, the hiring of the president would remove any doubt that investors might have about my ability to grow the company in line with prospectus projections.

After hiring the new president, I turned operations over to him and focused on “the most important thing,” the IPO. The new president ramped up production, greatly impressing the underwriter but severly stressing our existing systems. Immediately the company began to have problems in key areas such as quality, timely delivery of products, rising costs, and declining customer satisfaction.

While I focused ever more on the IPO, I was ignoring the fact that I was letting the new president run the company into the ground. Other people in the company came to me, telling me what was going on and begging me to take back control. I would hear none of it, my thought being that I would address these issues once we were public.

When I finally realized the extent of the damage, the company was losing millions and the IPO had been cancelled. Scorpio doing too much Scorpio had nearly cost me my business. The solution: I had to move toward my opposite, Taurus. This meant taking a systems-based approach to turning the company around. This meant testing, taking little actions every day, doing things based upon good data rather than intense feelings. It meant optimizing the systems of production and customer service using tried and true systems-improvement tools and methodologies.

In six months we went from losing over $300,000 per month to breaking even. In our second year, we were profitable and growing again. In moving to my opposite time and again, I had grown to become an expert in systems improvement and systems-based management/leadership.

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