Working with Sagittarius Star Sign/CType

Leaders and Managers Working with Sagittarius Star Sign/CType

4 Sagittarius2 300x300 Working with Sagittarius Star Sign/CTypeThe following are examples of using CType as a teacher, leader or manager to solve problems with a Sagittarius CType in a work situation. These short accounts are of actual situations which were addressed by assisting Sagittarius CType to move to his or her opposite. These accounts are from our CType Leadership Guides.

Real Life Example #1: Moving Sagittarius to Her Opposite

Jean was the manager of our art department. A dedicated and talented employee, she had been growing along with the department, doing an excellent job along the way. This began to change about six months prior to the company’s move to a new facility. We had asked all our managers for their input on the design and upgrades to their workspaces in the new building. Jean was having trouble completing her plan while at the same time her department began to have production and quality problems. We knew Jean’s problems were created by her doing too much Sag.

In a meeting with her, we brainstormed all of the issues that were concerning her. At the top of the list was her inability to complete her plan as the plan seemed to take on ever more detail and complexity. She couldn’t stop thinking about it, with new ideas about the plan even interrupting her sleep. She was carrying the stress of this ever-expanding plan into her job where her normally excellent management of the department had fallen off significantly.

We worked together to identify the critical 20% of the plan that would have 80% of the impact (80/20) in creating a superior workspace in the new facility. We asked her to be in the moment (like her opposite, Gemini) and give us her best estimate of how she saw these few critical issues being addressed. For space requirement estimates, we actually taped off a section of floor space to represent the new working space. This moved the space estimates from Jean’s head to the physical reality of the five senses where Gemini lives. Once she could see the taped out space and make critical adjustments in real time, Jean felt hugely relieved and we had our plan.

The final piece of Jean moving from Sag to Gemini was to support her in being in the moment and regaining control of the art department. Again, we ran 80/20 on the issues and

Real Life Example #2: Moving Sagittarius to His Opposite

Chuck, the VP of Finance of a community hospital, was having trouble preparing for implementation of a new computer system. No one had questioned or reviewed his plan for doing the implementation, the assumption being Chuck “knew what he was doing.” As trouble mounted and project milestones were missed, a comprehensive review of the project was scheduled.

When Chuck’s plan was reviewed by experts in Information Technology (IT), it was found to be wildly optimistic. It was also missing key components that were critical to effective implementation. We put the IT project On the Wall and identified the critical components that had to be part of the plan. We created a flow diagram, reasonable timelines for implementation, and Action Items for moving the process forward. With this new information coming to Chuck via his move to his in-the-moment opposite, Gemini, we asked Chuck to upgrade his plan. His upgraded plan was much more realistic and offered a more reliable roadmap for implementation of the new system. Chuck, of course, grew professionally and personally while feeling a significant reduction in stress.

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