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Leaders and Managers Working with Libra Star Sign/CType

2 Libra3 300x300 Working with Libra Star Sign/CTypeThe following is an examples of using CType as a teacher, leader or manager to solve problems with a Libra CType in a work situation. This short account is of an actual situation which was addressed by assisting Libra CType to move to his or her opposite. These accounts are from our CType Leadership Guides.

Real Life Example: Libra Moving to His Opposite at Work

My Libra Director of Quality, John, was having problems at work. Although he was very knowledgeable in quality-related matters and usually a good manager, things were not going well in the department. Most of the people in the quality department were women, and there had been some complaints from the few men in the department regarding his favoritism toward the women. There were rumors that he might be seeing some of the women for drinks after work. In addition, important decisions on the upgrades to our quality systems were not forthcoming from him, and his quality systems upgrade project was lagging. He agreed to allow us to support him in solving these problems.

We met with John and put all of his issues On the Wall. We then identified the most critical issues, which turned out to be 1) His going beyond professional boundaries in support of his people (primarily with women), and 2) His inaction on critical quality system upgrades. These issues appeared to be caused by John being too much in Libra; in other words, feeling too much while not taking enough creative action in the outside world. The solution was to assist John to move toward his opposite, Aries, which is naturally creative in the outside world while being divorced from his feelings.

The actions that we determined would best assist John in his move to Aries were 1) Make decisions on the quality upgrades and immediately take action on those decisions, and 2) Restructure as a system his relationships with his people to include structured, professional, management/employee relationships with all his people. When a meeting with his people to clarify the new management system was required, those meetings would be scheduled and become Action Items.

John’s decisive actions in the outside world (move to Aries) were immediately fruitful. The quality system upgrades moved forward, and morale in the department soared. Gossip and rumors about the department, which had previously been escalating, virtually ceased. John solved his immediate problems and, in the process, became a better, more professional manager.

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