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Leaders and Managers Working with Leo Star Sign/CType

Xll Leo3 300x300 Working with Leo Star Sign/CTypeThe following is an examples of using CType as a teacher, leader or manager to solve problems with a Leo CType in a work situation. This short account is of an actual situation which was addressed by assisting Leo CType to move to his or her opposite. These accounts are from our CType Leadership Guides.

Real Life Example: Moving Leo to His Opposite (Aquarius)

Mark, a really good man with a Leo Masculine Mind, had worked for me for ten years when he was promoted to plant manager. He was doing a good job. However, when we implemented our new quality systems program, he resisted many of the changes we were required to make.

I had been hinting and beating around the bush about how important the quality initiative was to the company and me; he responded that he had a job to do and that job was to make and ship quality products. He didn’t have time for another quality program and, besides, our excellent quality was well known in our industry.

I told him that the new program wasn’t a program at all, but an enhanced way of doing manufacturing that lowered cost while increasing quality. This was the way the best manufacturing companies in the world were going. If we wanted to prosper in the long term, there was no choice but to make the leap to this way of doing business.

None of my reasoning had any effect. He kept going back to, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I nearly lost my temper and, with my typical Scorpio passion, ended up raising my voice at him. We were not voting on this. I, not he, owned the company. At some level, this seemed to be news to him. If he didn’t want to go along with the program, I said in so many words, he might want to consider looking for another job.

Shocked and shaken, he responded that he would do whatever I wanted. We had created enough “emotional energy” for him to move toward his opposite, Aquarius. He was now open to all outside input. My mistake was waiting so long before telling this man, in a direct manner, how I felt and what was required of him.

We then put potential outside input On the Wall and looked for things he could delegate to others, freeing up time for him to implement the quality program. We created an action plan and timetables for the program implementation along with regular support meetings to solve problems and evaluate his progress. Mark grew quickly from this successful manager/leader intervention and went on to become a C-level executive and an acknowledged quality systems expert in our industry.

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