Working with Gemini Star Sign/CType

Leaders and Managers Working with Gemini Star Sign/CType

X Gemini2 300x300 Working with Gemini Star Sign/CTypeThe following are examples of using CType as a teacher, leader or manager to solve problems with a Gemini CType in a work situation. These short accounts are of actual situations which were addressed by assisting Gemini CType to move to his or her opposite. These accounts are from our CType Leadership Guides.

Real Life Example #1: Moving Gemini to His Opposite (Sagittarius)

I had a Gemini manager I’ll call Mike, who had a difficult time with planning. We agreed that he would put a plan together for his department by a certain date. Each time the deadline rolled around, Mike would present some notes which he had scribbled just prior to the meeting, certainly not my idea of a plan. I offered to help him, but he insisted that he should draft the plan on his own. After rescheduling his presentation three times, I told him that he had to have something to me the following morning. I told him to forget about his regular duties, go to his office, and complete at least a rough draft of his plan.

In obvious distress, Mike said he would get right on it. Fifteen minutes later I found him in the maintenance area talking about how he needed another table. It seems someone had complained to him about the need for more table space. An hour after that, he was in the lab looking for some old records that someone had requested. On it went until the day was done and Mike had not even started on the plan. I got a call from him that night saying he was working on it. The next day, he presented several pages of scribbled notes. It wasn’t much, but it was a start.

I actually had to take him off site with me so he could avoid distractions and complete his plan. We took notes from past notes and put them On the Wall. Then we took projections of potential futures and put them On the Wall. We used Mike’s in-the-moment Gemini to connect past and future into a plan. The final plan was pretty good, and Mike was thrilled because planning was so difficult for him. From that time forward, I knew how to better work with Mike as he had created a system that allowed him to be successful when future planning was required.

Real Life Example #2: Moving Gemini to His Opposite (Sagittarius)

My Executive Assistant, Chris, was energetic, smart, and dedicated to her job. However, her Gemini Masculine Mind made it a challenge to create good project plans. Most of her project planning revolved around creating social events for the company’s two hundred employees. While she had good ideas, she seemed unable to put those ideas into a flow from past events to the present to the future. What we ended up with was a list of good ideas but no real plan that could be implemented. Others, who were assisting Chris on the project, were starting to complain about the lack of a plan.

I knew that for Chris to be successful, she would have to make a move toward Sagittarius where she could connect past, present, and future. I suggested that she get photos and collateral materials from past events and put them in a scrapbook, sequenced by time. Then, she would look at her ideas for the coming event and sequence the steps to creating this new event. We would then go back and note the key actions that were required to create the past event and the key actions that would be required to create the coming event and the dates by which those actions had to be completed.

We agreed that she would look at the scrapbook/action plan every day from start to finish and update progress on the coming event. We would meet at the end of every day for ten minutes to go through the scrapbook/action plan together from start to finish and do any final updates together. She would also meet with her team on a regular basis for updates and input.

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