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Leaders and Managers Working with Aries Star Sign/CType

8 Aries3 300x300 Working with Aries Star Sign/CTypeThe following is an example of using CType as a teacher, leader or manager to solve problems with a Aries CType in a work situation. This short account is of an actual situation which was addressed by assisting Aries CType to move to his or her opposite. This account is from our CType Leadership Guides.

Real Life Example: Moving Aries to Her Opposite (Libra)

In the following case we see how doing too much of our natural CType creates problems in life and at work. CType principles tell us that the solution to these problems is to move toward our opposites. However, we must remember that unless a person is ready to grow, he or she will not be open to moving to his/her opposite. Here’s the story of a person who was not ready to make the appropriate shift.

We were doing system improvement work in the forty-two operating rooms in a large, top ten hospital in the US. This work is done in teams using a unique methodology that has proven quite effective. Central to this methodology is team bonding and each member of the team taking personal responsibility to keep their word. The agreement is that we do things “as a team.” No lone rangers, heroes, or politics. If someone cannot abide by the team rules, he is asked to leave the team.

Mary, an Aries, was known as a creator and a doer. In fact, she was a talented nurse of more than twenty years who was both respected and resented by her peers. The respect was for her ability to create new ways of doing things, and the resentment was for her almost complete lack of feelings for other people—typical of too much Aries.

I was very clear about the roles and responsibilities for being on a team, even having everyone sign a contract stating that they accepted and would conform to the team rules. However, from the beginning, Mary was a handful. First she wanted to run the meetings. Then she came up with ideas that went against the direction of the team and started doing things on her own. This behavior set the team back time and again over a period of weeks and became unacceptable.

I met with Mary, knowing that my job as the team leader was to try to assist her in moving toward her opposite, Libra. I was straightforward with her in going through the team rules and pointing out how she was going against her agreements. She was unaware of how her behavior was affecting other team members and viewed the problem as theirs rather than hers. My suggestions that might have assisted her in a move to Libra were rejected. In essence, she was not ready to grow. Her anger with me reached new highs when I indicated that, because she was unable to adhere to the team rules, she would have to resign from the team.

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