Working with Aquarius Star Sign/CType

Leaders and Managers Working with Aquarius Star Sign/CType

6 Aquarius2 300x300 Working with Aquarius Star Sign/CTypeThe following is an example of using CType as a teacher, leader or manager to solve problems with a Aquarius CType in a work situation. This short account is of an actual situation which was addressed by assisting Aquarius CType to move to his or her opposite. This account is from our CType Leadership Guides.

Real Life Example: Moving Aquarius to His Opposite (Leo)

Jim, an Aquarian, was a smart, capable manager who worked with me in a small manufacturing venture we had co-created. He became frustrated and began to lose interest in the project when the usual start-up problems reared up to thwart our efforts. For Jim, it seemed as though every phone call brought more problems and obstacles. He felt out of control and as though he was failing in some way.

I suggested that we needed to change things up. As I had been taking the lead on running the project up to that point, I proposed that he now take the lead. This would require a move from Aquarius to Leo on his part. I also suggested that we use his considerable knowledge to identify the 20% of the variables that were critical to 80% of the project and that he go deeply into those issues. We announced his move to team leader and the change in my role to one of support.

Jim immediately regained his enthusiasm, taking his leadership responsibilities to heart. With only a few critical issues to address at a time, he could become immersed and go deeper into them. He could begin to create meaning for himself while taking on the leadership role. Jim became the principal architect of a breakthrough technology that influenced an industry.

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