Relationships at Work

Enhancing Relationships in the Workplace – Solving Problems and Growing People

bigstock Link Hands Business Team Work  10309442 300x225 Relationships at WorkWork is such a big part of our lives. Whether we commute to work every day or work out of our homes, we are constantly in working relationships with bosses, peers, customers and suppliers. The quality of these working relationships is key to the quality of our work lives and, in many cases, the productivity and quality of our work. Imagine you are having trouble with your boss or manager. Picture your customers, clients or students being unhappy with you. Possibly you are a leader or manager who is having problems with your subordinates. Notice your experience of work when you are at odds with your key suppliers. Importantly, the quality of our relationships at work often influences the quality of our relationships with family. What if there was a way to proactively enhance our most important relationships at work? There is. Welcome to CTypes at work.

The practical practice of CTypes in your work or business will enhance and heal relationships in almost any area. Examples include:

Coaches, Counselors and Therapists working with Clients

Teachers knowing how to best teach individual Students (and work with parents)

Sales or Customer Service people relating with Customers

Nurses relating with individual Patients or Doctors

Home Business Owners working in key Relationships

In the vast majority of workplace situations, a proactively practiced CType implementation will prove effective in healing, enhancing, and deepening your most important work relationships. (144 CType specific Guides for Leader/Managers working with Subordinates)

Relationships at Work

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