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As a Sagittarius, I Feel So Guilty About Stuff. Why Am I So Hard On Myself?

Sagittarius CTypes tend to create complex plans in their heads, constantly adding on to those plans. When the complex plans don’t pan out, Sag feels guilty, thinking if only I’d done this or that differently. To reduce feelings of guilt, Sagittarius must pull itself into the moment and release its need for perfection.

Why Does the Sagittarius in My life Have to Make Everything Perfect?

Sagittarius CTypes tend to project the perfect plans in their heads into the outside world. They then want the outside world to match their plans. This can be exhausting for both Sagittarius and those in relationship with Sagittarius. Sagittarius is relieved from his/her need for perfection by moving from planning (past-future) to being in the moment. Over an extended period, failure to make this move from past/future to being in the moment may manifest in Sagittarius as feeling overwhelmed, depressed or even in health issues.

As a Sagittarius, I Think I’m a Good Listener But People Close to Me Tell Me I’m Not. Who is Right?

They are. Sagittarius is almost always listening to the dialog in its head. That dialog is comprised of taking past events and creating potential futures. To be a good listener, one has to be present, in the moment. To become a good listener, Sagittarius must leave the past and future in his/her head and be in the moment.

As a Sagittarius, I Am Stressed Because I Cannot Get Everything Done. Other People Seem to Get More Done. Why is That?

Sagittarius CTypes tend to create complex plans in their heads, constantly adding on to those plans and things to do. With the constant add-ons, Sag can never complete the list of to dos in its head. Because everything is perfect in its head, Sagittarius compares itself unfavorably with others when its accomplishments do not meet expectations. Pull yourself into the moment and lighten up on yourself.

Note: The illustration above represents the following: Sagittarius CType is Inward Association. This means that the Masculine Mind (thinking mind) looks inward at the Feminine Mind (memories and emotions), takes a past memory, and creates a potential future.  Sagittarius tends to live in the past and future, skipping the present moment. The figure above represents Sagittarius CType thinking.

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