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As A Leo – Why Do I Feel So Heavy? The Responsibilities in My Life are Wearing My Out.

Leo CType creates everything in its reality. The problem with creating everything is that now Leo CType becomes responsible for everything it has created. Leo’s thoroughness and self-assuredness carry it for a while, but eventually the load becomes too great and Leo may feel the weight of the world on its shoulders. To lighten the load, Leo must move toward its opposite CType, Aquarius.

How Can I get the Leo in My Life to Change and Grow? He’s Just So Stuck!

Leo is god in his own self created universe. However, running the universe can be exhausting. To lighten the load, Leo must move toward releasing control and allowing new things to come into Leo’s life—things that Leo may have previously resisted. Leo’s move from being responsible for everything in its life to allowing new things to come into Leo CType’s life will solve major problems in Leo’s life, allowing Leo CType to grow and evolve in the human experience.

Why Can’t I Win an Argument with the Leo in My Life?

Leo CType is the creator of everything in its reality. Because Leo is god in his/her universe, he/she knows all. If something is outside Leo’s universe, for Leo it must be nonexistent or just plain wrong. Hence, no chance of winning an argument with Leo.

As a Leo, Why Do I Have Trouble Connecting With People?

Leo is god in his universe. Leo is all knowing—about his universe. The problem with being insulated in one’s own universe is difficulty connecting with anything outside that universe. Leo wants to understand people but doesn’t know how to do that. This lack of connection often stresses Leo CType. The solution is for Leo to allow new things, which he or she do not control, to come into his or her universe. Over time, with too much need for control and a failure to allow new things into his/her life, Leo CType may feel heavy, weighed down with responsibility, and may even create health issues in his/her life.

Note: The illustration above indicates the following: Leo CType is Bi-directional Association. This means that the Masculine Mind (thinking mind) looks outward into the outside world and creates something new. Then Leo looks in at the Feminine Mind (memories and emotions) and creates something new. Leo then repeats the process eventually creating everything it knows and becoming god in its own universe.  The figure above represents this Leo CType thinking.

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