CTypes Winks

CatWink1 291x300 CTypes WinksWinking Our Way to Better Relationships

A CType Wink is a short snippet describing an everyday issue we might encounter with a specific CType. You will probably easily identify these Winks in the CTypes in your life and in yourself. We will be adding new Winks on a regular basis. Enjoy and please share these Winks with the CTypes in your life.

CTypes Winks

  • Aquarius Winks

    Why Doesn’t the Aquarius in My Life Take Anything Seriously? Aquarius CType knows a lot about the world, but doesn’t go deeply into what he or she knows. This often makes Aquarius feel that he or she lacks substance. Aquarius may also feel that he/she is at the mercy of whatever is going on around […]

  • Aries Winks

    As an Aries – What Do You Mean I Hurt Your Feelings? What’s the Big Deal? Aries CTypes tend to be very creative and quite disconnected from their feelings. Because they are disconnected from their feelings, they will also be unaware of other people’s feelings. An Aries CType (especially men) will see their relationships as […]

  • Cancer Winks

    As a Cancer, Why Do I Often Feel Like–After All I’ve Done For You, This is How I’m Treated. Cancer CType tends to nurture important people in its life. While people in Cancer’s environment may enjoy being nurtured and protected for a while, it is not uncommon for Cancer’s nurturing or protective behavior to begin […]

  • Capricorn Winks

    Why is the Capricorn in My Life Always Doing, Doing, Doing? It’s Doo Doo! Capricorn CTypes are doers and see themselves as the source of all action. In creating this action, Capricorn may not be particularly considerate of other people’s feelings, including yours. Capricorn wants to connect, but isn’t sure how. To connect, Capricorn must […]

  • Gemini Winks

    As a Gemini – Why Do Some People Think I’m Flighty and Irresponsible? I Want to Be Taken Seriously. Gemini tends to be in-the-moment. When Gemini CTypes are in-the-moment with people, they tend to be attentive, interested, and often personable. However, when Gemini moves on to something or someone else, the previous encounter may be […]

  • Leo Winks

    As A Leo – Why Do I Feel So Heavy? The Responsibilities in My Life are Wearing My Out. Leo CType creates everything in its reality. The problem with creating everything is that now Leo CType becomes responsible for everything it has created. Leo’s thoroughness and self-assuredness carry it for a while, but eventually the […]

  • Libra Winks

    Why Can’t the Libras in My Life Seem to Make a Decision and Take Action? Libra CTypes tend to get caught up in their emotions and often have difficulty making decisions, sticking with those decisions and taking creative action. They mull all sides of an issue, first feeling one way and then another. Many times […]

  • Pisces Winks

    As A Pisces, Why Am I Always Focused On Other People’s Needs Instead of My Own? Pisces CTypes will tend to focus on somebody else’s needs at the expense of their own. The danger, especially for women, is that she may become a martyr, so focused on another person that she completely forgets about her […]

  • Sagittarius Winks

    As a Sagittarius, I Feel So Guilty About Stuff. Why Am I So Hard On Myself? Sagittarius CTypes tend to create complex plans in their heads, constantly adding on to those plans. When the complex plans don’t pan out, Sag feels guilty, thinking if only I’d done this or that differently. To reduce feelings of […]

  • Scorpio Winks

    Why Are the Scorpios in My Life So Intense? Scorpio tends to focus inwardly, making some idea or concept the most important thing. Scorpio’s inward intensity and passion grows and Scorpio often feels a strong need for immediate gratification. Often, Scorpio will become impulsive, later regretting his or her actions. The solution to being too […]

  • Taurus Winks

    Why is the Taurus in My Life So Stuck in His/Her Ways? The Taurus approach to life tends to be mechanical and dispassionate, at times even repressive and manipulative of people and events. Taurus CTypes won’t believe anything based on faith. They have to test new things for themselves always with a slow, trail and […]

  • Virgo Winks

    Why Don’t the Virgos in My Life Get Excited About Things? Virgo CType will tend to suppress his/her emotions and sometimes have difficulty feeling excited about anything in life. This also means Virgo CType tends to sometimes have difficulty going deeply into relationships, where meaning is defined by emotional connection. To solve this problem, Virgo […]