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Coaching Cancer CType Sue – Part 3 – Rules Of Engagement

CTypes – Becoming a Master Coach and Facilitator 

Introduction: In this 10-part series, we will take you through the process that a coach, counselor, leader, manager, therapist or teacher might use to assist clients, employees and peers in solving problems using CTypes. This process is called the “On the Wall” process and is outlined in detail in our CTypes for Professionals online training. This process will also be demonstrated in real time with a volunteer in our CTypes Teacher Training Certification Program November 7-9 in San Diego. In our many years of using and refining the One the Wall (OTW) process, it has proved to quickly make problems visible and offers a systematic and effective methodology for professionals to assist clients and employees in solving challenging problems and changing lives—both at work and at home. It’s a powerful process. We have turned around entire companies and many individual lives using variations of this process.

Part 3 – The Double E Brainstorm – Introducing the Process to a Group or Individual

Explain the following rules or guidelines:

  1. Only one person speaks at a time
  2. Raise your hand if you want to speak
  3. The facilitator will choose each contributor from hands raised
  4. Be patient, everyone will have an opportunity to speak
  5. You will define your concern until it is exactly what you want On the Wall
  6. No personal attacks
  7. Don’t worry about repeats
  8. No Judgment (from participants or facilitator)
  9. No problem solving (this is key – problem solving will stop the process)
  10. Have Fun
In Part 4, we will look at actually beginning the Double E Brainstorm. If you just want to get started in using CTypes, you will want to consider our online Introduction to CType course.


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