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Coaching Cancer CType Sue – Part 9 – Moving Things Forward With Action Items

Taking Right Action With Action Items

Introduction: In this 10-part series, we will take you through the process that a coach, counselor, leader, manager, therapist or teacher might use to assist clients, employees and peers in solving problems using CTypes. This process is called the “On the Wall” process and is outlined in detail in our CTypes for Professionals online training. This process will also be demonstrated in real time with a volunteer in our CTypes Teacher Training Certification Program November 7-9 in San Diego. In our many years of using and refining the One the Wall (OTW) process, it has proved to quickly make problems visible and offers a systematic and effective methodology for professionals to assist clients and employees in solving challenging problems and changing lives—both at work and at home. It’s a powerful process. We have turned around entire companies and many individual lives using variations of this process.

Part 9 – Creating Action Items

On a new flip chart, identify what specific actions your client or members of the group are willing to take to resolve the issues at work or at home. Then, identify the most important actions that the client must take to make his or her move to the CType Opposite and create action Items around this move to the Opposite. Once a person commits to an Action Item, he or she becomes responsible for the Action Item. In a personal or organizational change process that will take place over a period of time with multiple meetings, Action Items become the agenda for the following meeting.

An action Item contains three elements:

  • The name of the person(s) responsible for the action.
  • The action to be taken.
  • The date by which the action will be completed.

Example – Sue agreed to the following actions that would move her from Cancer to Capricorn in solving her work related problems:

  • Create a plan for transforming her work life – Action Item: Sue will create the plan by xx/xx/xxxx.
  • Create a schedule that would work for her and her boss – Action Item: Sue will create the schedule by xx/xx/xxxx.
  • Schedule a formal meeting with her boss to present her plan – Action Item: Sue will arrange a meeting with her boss by xx/xx/xxxx.

Tip for Solving Any Problem

Without Action, Nothing Happens in the World. Always try to end any meeting, whether with a client or a group, with action Items. This general principle applies to individual clients, work groups, or any gathering where something is to be accomplished or changed over time.

In Part 10 of this series, the conclusion of this series, we will look at the Results Sue was able to create in her work life through the CTypes On the Wall process. If you just want to get started in using CTypes, you will want to consider our online Introduction to CType course.


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