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Coaching Cancer CType Sue – Part 7 – Brainstorming The Hot Spots

CTypes – Brainstorming the Hot Spots On the Wall

Introduction: In this 10-part series, we will take you through the process that a coach, counselor, leader, manager, therapist or teacher might use to assist clients, employees and peers in solving problems using CTypes. This process is called the “On the Wall” process and is outlined in detail in our CTypes for Professionals online training. This process will also be demonstrated in real time with a volunteer in our CTypes Teacher Training Certification Program November 7-9 in San Diego. In our many years of using and refining the One the Wall (OTW) process, it has proved to quickly make problems visible and offers a systematic and effective methodology for professionals to assist clients and employees in solving challenging problems and changing lives—both at work and at home. It’s a powerful process. We have turned around entire companies and many individual lives using variations of this process.

Part 7 – Brainstorm the Hot Spots

At the top of a new flip chart, write one of the hot spots. In this case we are looking at the hot spot, “Work.” Now begin applying the Double E Brainstorm process, except this time you are applying it to the hot spot for Sue, “Work.”

Ask the question, “Are there any problems, concerns or issues that have been bothering you lately related to your work?”

When a member of the group or your client responds, write in his or her words the concern or problem as it relates to this hot spot.

Ask again, “What else?” and repeat the question after each response until there are no more issues to be listed.

Example for Sue – Work Issues:

  • Working 6 days/week
  • Boss asks me to do everything
  • Boss calls me in at any time including weekends
  • I’m always covering for Boss and others
  • We had a layoff & I have no one to help me
  • I don’t want to let people down
  • I can’t make plans outside of work

Again, there are threads that connect a number of concerns about work into distinct categories. List the Threads:

  • Too much time at work
  • No set schedule
  • Me not able to say “no”
  • Me feeling that I’m the only one who can do things right
  • I want my boss to appreciate me

From your list of groupings, identify the hot spots and put a red dot on each of the hot spots. Apply the 80/20 rule if this is helpful for the client. Whether working with a single client or larger group, always try to identify the critical 20% of the issues and focus your efforts there. In this case, it appears that if we can solve the hot spot issues of “too much time at work” and “no set schedule,” we can solve 80% of the Sue’s work-related issues.


Too much time at work

No set schedule

Me not able to say “no”

Me feeling that I’m the only one who can do things right

I want my boss to appreciate me

In Part 8, we will look at CTypes as the source of Sue’s problems. If you just want to get started in using CTypes, you will want to consider our online Introduction to CType course.


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