Understanding Leo–Master Of The Universe

What Every Woman Needs to Know About Leo Sun Sign Traits

Probably many people desire to know what really does our Zodiac sign mean. It appears that women, in particular, have an interest in this question, both for themselves and for important relationships in their lives. Well, your waiting is over–at least for Leo Zodiac sun sign. In this article, I shall touch upon the Zodiac sign meaning concerning the traits of Leo.

Leo Astrology profile is described as Bi-directional Association (Leo CType). This implies that the Masculine Mind (the thinking mind as well as the Zodiac sun sign) of  this CType looks out toward the outside world, takes a number of elements and incorporates all of them to construct something totally original. After that,  Leo looks inward facing the Female Mind (the intuitive, feeling, emotional mind and Zodiac moon symbol) and takes two or more things and integrates all of them to create something completely new. Alternating in external and internal directions, incessantly creating something original,  this CType builds his or her own personal universe. Considering the fact that Leo is the architect of everything he or she sees, Leo Astrology profile transforms into god in his or her universe.

Leo Is So Sure Of Itself

Given that he or she formulated it, Leo is intimately familiar with all parts in his or her universe. You can forget about triumphing in a disagreement with this CType. As we might expect, for Leo,  either he or she has created it or it can’t exis–or possibly it is a delusional form of hogwash. Whereas being certain of everything it knows,  Leo is troubled with what he or she doesn’t have knowledge of. Because individuals are many times outside Leo creations,  he or she may have difficulty understanding people. A projection from this sensation, in many cases, transforms into a belief in Leo that we do not appreciate him or her.  This CType may see this as a weak point and want to have an understanding of individuals at deeper levels.


Oops! Problems For Leo


Issues crop up for Bi-directional Association in daily life where, in making its more and more elaborate universe, he or she becomes worn down because of the ever increasing responsibility for his or her universe. Leo can start to feel weighty or perhaps despondent because of the stresses of keeping his or her expanding universe under control. The ordinary response of all CTypes suffering difficulties is to carry out more of the thinking  that is generating the problems in the first place. This is definitely an error.


Every CType Problem Carries With It An Integrated Solution


To eliminate difficulty in its life, Leo will have to, for a certain period of time,  shift away from needing to supervise its more and more elaborate universe, to releasing control and allowing for entirely new insight to come in. Leo implements this solution by shifting toward its Opposite (complementary) CType thinking, Aquarius CType (Outward Sensation). Whereas Leo runs (and is responsible for) its universe, Aquarius is run by the universe.


In conclusion, the Zodiac sign definition/meaning for Leo sun sign is Bi-directional Association, which specifically describes Leo thinking. Our thinking markedly influences our actions in addition to the value we experience in our interactions with oneself and other people. When life or relationships are problematic for this CType, to correct the problems, Leo CType must shift in the direction of his or her opposite CType, Aquarius thinking (Outward Sensation).




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