A Changing Libya – Can Muammar Gadhafi Move From Gemini to Sagittarius?

The Power of CTypes in the World

Particularly under stress, it is interesting to watch leaders in the world from the perspective of CTypes. CTypes describe how each of us thinks. Of course, how we think dramatically influences behavior and actions we take in the world. So thinking and leadership, both conscious and unconscious, go hand in hand. Most escalating conflicts are caused by unconscious thinking on multiple fronts. Based upon CTypes, Muammar Gadhafi currently appears to be reacting to events in Libya by doing too much of his Natural Gemini CType thinking. If so, this is a mistake. As Einstein reminded us, we can’t solve problems with the same thinking that created them. Let me explain.

CTypes and the Western Zodiac


CTypes are created in each of us by the date, time and place of birth and correspond to the sun signs of the Western Zodiac. They can be considered to be the DNA of the mind. Gadhafi’s CType, Gemini, is described as Bi-directional Sensation. This means that the Masculine Mind, the thinking mind, looks first out into the world and takes in anything that can be sensed by the five senses. Then, it looks in at the Feminine Mind (emotions) and again brings in whatever can be sensed. Gemini continues alternating between sensing outside and then in, resulting in its thinking being heavily influenced by whatever is in front of it and a tendency to be in-the-moment. While being in the moment is great for collecting information immediately in front of Gemini, it also cuts off any connection to the past and future.


Yikes! Too Much of a Good Thing is Not so Good


All CTypes get in trouble when they do too much of their Natural CType thinking. Too much of a good thing always causes problems whether we’re taking about food, medicine or thinking. To balance our lives, we must balance our thinking. To change our lives, we must change our thinking. Luckily, CTypes tells us exactly what we need to do. We must move from our Natural CType thinking to our Opposite (and complementary) CType thinking. This means that in Gadhafi’s case, he would have to move from Gemini in-the-moment thinking to Sagittarius past/future thinking.


A Solution for Every Problem


Because all human reality is created first in the mind in the form of thoughts before manifesting in the outside world as “reality”, the problems that Gadhafi has currently created for himself in Libya are a result of him doing too much of his Natural Gemini thinking. The solution? Move toward Sagittarius thinking. If he can spend more time in the past and future, it’s highly likely that his current reactions to his situation will change—for the better. This, as it is for all CTypes, will be difficult for Gadhafi. However, moving to one’s Opposite is how human beings grow and evolve beyond the reality they have already created for themselves. It’s our inborn way of raising consciousness and evolving as individuals and as a species.




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