Solve Any Relationship Problem Holistically

Healing Relationships, Solving Problems and Growing Holistically—Mind-Body-Spirit

From my book, CTypes: Creating Intimacy and Deeper Meaning Between Couples at All Stages of the Relationship (click here for book)

bigstock The Key To Success 93651 292x300 Solve Any Relationship Problem Holistically“Each CType also has an opposite alternative. (See Figure 4, page 23.) When a CType runs into trouble, and previous solutions no longer work, his only effective choice for a new strategy to solve the problem is to move toward his opposite alternative. A CType will only move toward his opposite, and thereby evolve or grow, when the emotional energy of an experience (life) is high enough to act as a catalyst for movement. Thus, it is the emotions, emotional energy, and an event with high emotional content, which triggers the move toward the opposite and promotes personal growth. When a CType begins to embrace change, the move to the opposite alternative becomes easier. Once an individual understands his own CType and has practiced the move to his opposite, this practice becomes a powerful tool for accelerating personal growth and addressing problems that can be solved in no other way. In healing and deepening relationships between couples, moving to the opposite alternative becomes a unique and powerful success strategy that trumps, in my experience, all others.”

When faced with any major life or relationship problem, understanding the fundamental CType principle of moving to our opposites in invaluable. A part of this principle includes the fact that the move to our opposites is difficult for every CType. Yet, this move to our opposites is an always reliable strategy for holistic growth and solving life’s most difficult problems (see CType specific Relationship Guides for detailed information on moving to our opposites to solve relationship and other life problems). Here are examples of the moves that each CType must make toward their opposite:

Virgo (star sign/Astrology Sun sign) moves toward Pisces (star sign/Astrology Sun sign)

Libra (star sign/Astrology Sun sign) moves toward Aries (star sign/Astrology Sun sign)

Scorpio (star sign/Astrology Sun sign) moves toward Taurus (star sign/Astrology Sun sign)

Sagittarius (star sign/Astrology Sun sign) moves toward Gemini (star sign/Astrology Sun sign)

Capricorn (star sign/Astrology Sun sign) moves toward Cancer (star sign/Astrology Sun sign)

Aquarius (star sign/Astrology Sun sign) moves toward Leo (star sign/Astrology Sun sign)

Pisces (star sign/Astrology Sun sign) moves toward Virgo (star sign/Astrology Sun sign)

Aries (star sign/Astrology Sun sign) moves toward Libra (star sign/Astrology Sun sign)

Taurus (star sign/Astrology Sun sign) moves toward Scorpio (star sign/Astrology Sun sign)

Gemini (star sign/Astrology Sun sign) moves toward Sagittarius (star sign/Astrology Sun sign)

Cancer (star sign/Astrology Sun sign) moves toward Capricorn (star sign/Astrology Sun sign)

Leo (star sign/Astrology Sun sign) moves toward Aquarius (star sign/Astrology Sun sign)

Many years ago I founded a company with $5000 in the back of an old paint warehouse. Over the years, we built the business into a profitable $10 million business with 200 employees. In the early 1980s, we were taking the company public and raising a considerable amount of capital that would allow us to grow the company even faster. I became very focused on the public offering (doing too much of my Scorpio CType) at the expense of the operation of the company. I also allowed my president to make mistake and after mistake in operating the company resulting in the company moving into a loss position. My president covered up the losses with creative bookkeeping and other questionable practices. When the problems could no longer be swept under the carpet, the losses totaled in excess of $3 million and the company became technically insolvent. I now had to take the lead in attempting to turn the company around.

To save the company, I had to move from Scorpio to my opposite, Taurus. While Scorpio focuses on one thing and makes it the most important thing in his/her world, Taurus is very process oriented. In my move to Taurus, I had to become a systems/process expert. This meant taking a process approach to handling creditors, customers, suppliers, the banks and, importantly, the production aspects of the business. Identifying the critical 20% of the variables that would give us 80% of the improvements was paramount.

Improving planning, systems and processes immediately began to pay off. In less than six months the company was again profitable. Over the next three years we continued to improve our processes (Taurus), paid off our debts to suppliers and other creditors and moved our net worth back into positive territory. Most of this successful turnaround can be directly attributed to my move from Scorpio to my opposite, Taurus. In the process I became a better leader and manager and later a better teacher/consultant for my workplace clients, many who were experiencing problems that were similar in some ways the ones I had already overcome.

This is not to say this move to my opposite was easy for me. It wasn’t. In fact, I had many days when I wanted to quit the mundane, step-by-step, daily Taurus grind and be excited and passionate about something again (Scorpio). The grind was just not me, I reasoned. This difficulty in moving to our opposites is natural for all CTypes. What is also natural for all CTypes is the fact that when life is full of challenges, it is because we are doing too much of our CType naturals. The solution to life’s greatest challenges is simple—move toward our CType opposites. Simple? Yes. Easy? Almost never. Still, moving to one’s opposite CType is a highly reliable strategy for solving problems, healing relationships and growing holistically—mind, body, and spirit. To go deeper into CTypes and holistic problem solving, please see our CType Relationship Guides, CType Leadership Guides, and CType Books here.