Becoming a Model for Healing Relationships

CTypes – Models for Healing Relationships Between Couples, With Family, and at Work

DavidLindaCarveTurkey1 300x225 Becoming a Model for Healing RelationshipsCTypes describe how each of us thinks and relates with the most important people in our lives. They also clearly show us  how our ways of thinking are both the source of problems in our relationships with others and an elegant solution that heals relationships, bringing us to deeper levels of communication and intimacy with the most important relationships in our lives. Linda and I are thankful to have been blessed to be the messengers for CTypes in this lifetime. We are doing our best to be models of what we teach. We are thankful for CTypes in our relationship and for the other kindred spirits who are in some way pulled to CTypes. We are thankful for each other and for you. Thank you-Thank you-Thank you (David’s Relationship Mantra)