Virgo Healing Virgo Miscommunication in Relationships

Virgo Projecting Virgo on to His/Her Relationships

1 Virgo1 300x300 Virgo Healing Virgo Miscommunication in RelationshipsMy long-time friend, Justin, is a Virgo. He is opinionated and very closed to new ideas (typical Virgo). He believes that much of what I do, including CTypes, is “baloney”. He can’t believe how I can be taken in by principles that cannot be proved by western science. He also thinks it’s ridiculous that I get so excited about things—his belief being that no one should get too excited about anything—that bad things happen when emotions get loose. He actually said to me that I “needed more balance in my life.” This is Virgo projecting Virgo on to others.

As a side note, we know that Virgo thinking constructs life as pieces of a puzzle in which all pieces fit perfectly and no piece is more important that any other piece. The balancing of all parts of life manifests when Virgo suppresses the Feminine Mind (emotions). With this in mind, see how Virgo thinking manifests in life in the following true story.

Justin is not the neatest person I know and keeps the trunk of his car in a virtual mess all the time. One day, unbeknownst to him, I went into the trunk of his car and rearranged the mess in a different way. When Justin looked in the trunk, a “puzzled” look came over his face and he immediately began rearranging the mess until it was back to original mess status. He actually said, “Who screwed up my stuff?”  Perfect Virgo.

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