Taurus Healing Taurus Miscommunication in Relationships

Taurus Projecting Taurus on to His/Her Relationships

9 Taurus1 300x300 Taurus Healing Taurus Miscommunication in RelationshipsI was explaining CTypes to a group of business executives in one of my courses. Most people really enjoy this subject because it’s fun, interactive, and informative. However, Pat, a Taurus man, stood up and said that he “didn’t think that this type of information was appropriate for business executives.”  “There’s no proof,” he went on to say, “that this astrology stuff is true,” and he was sure everyone else in the room “felt the same way.” I told him that CTypes had nothing to do with astrology, noting that his skepticism was a natural Taurus trait and that he had not completed enough trial-and-error testing of CTypes principles to make the concept real for him. Pat then said, “Well then, why is everyone else skeptical, too?” I suggested we take a poll and asked the group of 32 executives how many felt the same way as Pat. One person— the only other Taurus in the group—raised his hand. Pat was shocked that everyone else could be “so gullible.” We all had a good laugh, even Pat. I pointed out that all CTypes project their own way of thinking onto others. This was perfect Taurus projecting Taurus.

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