Sagittarius Healing Sagittarius Miscommunication in Relationships

Sagittarius Projecting Sagittarius on to His/Her Relationships

4 Sagittarius1 300x300 Sagittarius Healing Sagittarius Miscommunication in RelationshipsProbably one of the most dramatic instances of CType projection occurred when General George Custer prepared for the battle of the Little Big Horn. Custer, a Sagittarius CType which take the past and makes up potential futures in its head, no doubt was quite clear about the magnificent victory that lay ahead. This made-up resounding triumph was projected into the outside world and Custer rode off disregarding anything that conflicted with his Sagittarian thinking. Of course, as good as his plans looked in his head, implementation proved disappointing and ultimately fatal. Being pulled out of the past and future and in to the moment at the Little Big Horn was probably a shock to Custer, as it was to the 200 men who perished with him. This was Sagittarius projecting Sagittarius on to the world at its finest.

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