Pisces Healing Pisces Miscommunication in Relationships

Pisces Projecting Pisces on to His/Her Relationships

7 Pisces1 300x300 Pisces Healing Pisces Miscommunication in RelationshipsTony Robbins is well known for his motivational courses, books, and tapes, and he has been helpful to large numbers of people. Tony bases his work on the theory that the way to become more powerful and resourceful as human beings is to identify someone who is a master of whatever we are attempting to do and emulate that person’s behavior. Tony emphasizes that since he himself has focused on and studied the masters, the way for others to attain a more powerful, satisfying life is to now model him. Tony projects his Pisces CType thinking on to the world in saying, “For over a decade, I have passionately pursued the answer to what shapes human behavior. How can we create lasting change within others and ourselves? Specifically, I have concentrated my focus on researching, synthesizing and utilizing the technologies of the top influencers of our nation. Through behavioral modeling, I’ve been able to uncover a set of consistent strategies that cause these peak performers to continually produce extraordinary results.” This whole theory of behavior is a very Piscean way of viewing the world. Without knowing it, Tony is saying that the way to be successful in the world is to think like him, like a Pisces CType.

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