Leo Healing Leo Miscommunication in Relationships

Leo Projecting Leo on to His/Her Relationships

Xll Leo1 300x300 Leo Healing Leo Miscommunication in RelationshipsDuring his presidency, Leo CType Bill Clinton saw himself and our government as the central source of solutions for the huge problems that faced America. More importantly, for him, the solutions lay not in true change but in the addition of more complexity, more layers, to the already vast universe of existing programs. But there is more to it. Clinton’s formula for success was a very Leo approach to problem solving, namely, “You do your homework, you chart clear goals, you make sure all the parts mesh, then, even though you may have to bend some in the process, you stick with the key pieces of your plan until you accomplish your goals.” This is Leo CType thinking as its finest. He was uncomfortable with what he didn’t know; one reason, perhaps, why he was so much more active in domestic affairs than international affairs. Again, Leo is always adding on, reforming, and recreating what has been created in the past. This Leo CType thinking is then projected on to the outside world as the correct way of being in a leadership role. Notice that Leo CType President Obama has a quite similar projection for solving the problems faced by America today.

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