Gemini Healing Gemini Miscommunication

Gemini Projecting Gemini on to His/Her Relationships

X Gemini1 300x300 Gemini Healing Gemini MiscommunicationGemini‚Äôs in-the-moment thinking makes connecting with past and future to create a vision quite challenging. Vision comes from the past and is a projection into the future. Living in the moment, Gemini is not effective at using the past or envisioning the future. George Bush Sr. is a great example of a Gemini who couldn’t create a vision for himself, and knew it. He then projected that thinking on to the world in saying, “I don’t understand this vision thing.” He didn’t know what his critics were talking about. Vision didn’t even register with him. At the same time, Gemini absorbs whatever is in front of him. In his unsuccessful run for the 1992 presidency, the people in front of President Bush, his campaign audiences, were telling him with every cheer how great he was. It appears this was one of the reasons he was so slow to realize that the economy was the focal concern of the American people in selecting their president in 1992. By the time he “got it,” it was too late. Fixing the economy requires connecting the present to the past and the future, certainly not one of Gemini’s strong points. President Bush was not aware of the need for the comprehensive plans that are necessary to lead a country out of its economic problems. Hence, Gemini projecting Gemini on the American people and a lost election.

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