Capricorn Healing Capricorn Miscommunication

Capricorn Projecting Capricorn on to His/Her Relationships

5 Capricorn1 300x300 Capricorn Healing Capricorn MiscommunicationTiger Woods has been in the news a lot in his life, never more so than in the last year or two with stories of his affairs splashed across every news broadcast, magazine and newspaper in the land. Tiger’s CType, Capricorn, is all about action, action and more action. Along with this action, some of it mindless, comes little emotional connection to people, including family and extended family. This explains his almost complete disregard for how his sexual actions outside his marriage might destroy his relationships with his wife and children—his family. And this tendency to create action in the world at the expense of relationships shows up in Tiger’s lack of close connections with but a few trusted insiders. It also interesting to note that most of Tiger’s relationships with the women outside his marriage appear to be more action oriented than emotional or nurturing. This is Capricorn doing too much Capricorn. Tiger’s Capricorn thinking that values action and results above relationships has been projected into the world resulting in big problems for golf’s greatest and maybe least understood player.

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