Cancer Healing Cancer Miscommunication

Cancer Projecting Cancer on to His/Her Relationships

Xl Cancer1 300x300 Cancer Healing Cancer MiscommunicationFormer President George W. Bush is a Cancer CType. In a speech about his War on Terror, he made a strong point that the countries of the world were “either with us or with the terrorists.” With Cancer CType you are either part of his extended family or you are a potential enemy. This is a very Cancerian way of looking at the world. It has been noted that Bush was much the same with the people around him. He wanted to control everyone and everything, but for their own good. He strongly supported people who supported him, even if there was some question as to their qualifications or the quality of the job they were doing. However, if you went against him, President Bush many times reacted harshly, as he did with those he felt were disloyal or criticized his actions. This reaction to the “betrayal” by a “family member” after “all I’ve done for you” is typical of a Cancer CType projection on to others. This is the assumption that if, under existing circumstances, I’m thinking negative or vindictive thoughts about others, they are surely thinking similar thoughts about my extended family and me. The problem with this Cancer CType projection is twofold: 1. People might not be thinking like then President Bush and 2. Because thoughts are creative, if people are not thinking like Cancer CType thoughts, they may soon be—in their own CType way. This is not necessarily a good thing for the parties involved or, if when it involves an American President, our world.

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