Aries Healing Aries Miscommunication

Aries Projecting Aries on to His/Her Relationships

8 Aries1 300x300 Aries Healing Aries MiscommunicationMy mother, an Aries, was a highly creative person who had a difficult time feeling. She has been a concert pianist, interior designer, painter, landscape designer, and more. Recently my mother was complaining bitterly about the fact that she has to replace the roof on her house. Since my mother’s house was s a creative masterpiece both inside and out, I wondered why she was so resistant to putting on the new roof. She related to me, “What good will it do. No one will see it. No one likes doing something that nobody will see. That’s why people don’t like having to re-roof their houses.”

My mother had a difficult time relating with my sister, a Libra and my mother’s Aries CType opposite. On a number of occasions, I remember my mother asking why my sister was so overly sensitive about things, especially when my mother would say something that sent my sister into a funk. When their relationship “blew up” as it was prone to do, my mother would wonder what all the fuss was about. I also remember my sister lamenting how my mother could be so insensitive toward her (her Libra CType projection). In both cases, my mother and sister were naturally projecting their CTypes on to each other, the assumption being that each thought like the other.

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