Reducing Miscommunication in Relationships

Using CTypes (star signs of the Western Zodiac) to Open Lines of Communication in Relationships

bigstock Couple Arguing 13614082 300x227 Reducing Miscommunication in RelationshipsCType is, in our experience, one of the most powerful bodies of knowledge for healing, enhancing, and deepening relationships with the most important people in our lives. However, CType is also at the heart of much of the miscommunication, frustration, and friction in stressed or problematic relationships. This occurs when a person naturally projects his/her own CType (ways of thinking and relating) on to those with whom he/she is in relationship. This natural tendency to project one’s CType on to others is based upon the faulty assumption that everyone else thinks like I do. For those who are unaware of CType, it is rare indeed when this projection is not a part of the thinking/relating process.

One of the fundamental principles in mastering CTypes is becoming aware in real time of people projecting their CTypes on to other people, including you and me. It is probably even more important that we be aware of when we are projecting our own CType on to others, especially those closest to us.

Reducing Miscommunication in Relationships

  • Aries Healing Aries Miscommunication

    Aries Projecting Aries on to His/Her Relationships My mother, an Aries, was a highly creative person who had a difficult time feeling. She has been a concert pianist, interior designer, painter, landscape designer, and more. Recently my mother was complaining bitterly about the fact that she has to replace the roof on her house. Since […]

  • Virgo Healing Virgo Miscommunication in Relationships

    Virgo Projecting Virgo on to His/Her Relationships My long-time friend, Justin, is a Virgo. He is opinionated and very closed to new ideas (typical Virgo). He believes that much of what I do, including CTypes, is “baloney”. He can’t believe how I can be taken in by principles that cannot be proved by western science. […]

  • Scorpio Healing Scorpio Miscommunication in Relationships

    Scorpio Projecting Scorpio Thinking on to His/Her Relationships Here’s my own story about projection from the Preface of my book, CTypes: Creating Intimacy and Deeper Meaning Between Couples at All Stages of the Relationship (click here for book) – A Story from a Bewildered Husband and Father Before I understood the CTypes of our minds, […]

  • Pisces Healing Pisces Miscommunication in Relationships

    Pisces Projecting Pisces on to His/Her Relationships Tony Robbins is well known for his motivational courses, books, and tapes, and he has been helpful to large numbers of people. Tony bases his work on the theory that the way to become more powerful and resourceful as human beings is to identify someone who is a […]

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    Libra Projecting Libra on to His/Her Relationships Former President Jimmy Carter is one of the Americans I admire the most. Jimmy is exceptionally intelligent and his insights into a world run amok exhibit a deep sense of basic human morality and justice—especially for those in the world less privileged. I remember him being criticized in […]

  • Taurus Healing Taurus Miscommunication in Relationships

    Taurus Projecting Taurus on to His/Her Relationships I was explaining CTypes to a group of business executives in one of my courses. Most people really enjoy this subject because it’s fun, interactive, and informative. However, Pat, a Taurus man, stood up and said that he “didn’t think that this type of information was appropriate for […]

  • Sagittarius Healing Sagittarius Miscommunication in Relationships

    Sagittarius Projecting Sagittarius on to His/Her Relationships Probably one of the most dramatic instances of CType projection occurred when General George Custer prepared for the battle of the Little Big Horn. Custer, a Sagittarius CType which take the past and makes up potential futures in its head, no doubt was quite clear about the magnificent […]

  • Gemini Healing Gemini Miscommunication

    Gemini Projecting Gemini on to His/Her Relationships Gemini’s in-the-moment thinking makes connecting with past and future to create a vision quite challenging. Vision comes from the past and is a projection into the future. Living in the moment, Gemini is not effective at using the past or envisioning the future. George Bush Sr. is a […]

  • Capricorn Healing Capricorn Miscommunication

    Capricorn Projecting Capricorn on to His/Her Relationships Tiger Woods has been in the news a lot in his life, never more so than in the last year or two with stories of his affairs splashed across every news broadcast, magazine and newspaper in the land. Tiger’s CType, Capricorn, is all about action, action and more […]

  • Cancer Healing Cancer Miscommunication

    Cancer Projecting Cancer on to His/Her Relationships Former President George W. Bush is a Cancer CType. In a speech about his War on Terror, he made a strong point that the countries of the world were “either with us or with the terrorists.” With Cancer CType you are either part of his extended family or […]

  • Aquarius Healing Aquarius Miscommunication

    Aquarius Projecting Aquarius on to His/Her Relationships The legacy of Ronald Reagan has now been elevated to saint status by mainstream Republicans. However, during his presidency, Regan was considered by some to be a bit shallow and on the surface of things–typical Aquarian CType thinking. During his presidency, he appeared to lack depth in his […]

  • Leo Healing Leo Miscommunication in Relationships

    Leo Projecting Leo on to His/Her Relationships During his presidency, Leo CType Bill Clinton saw himself and our government as the central source of solutions for the huge problems that faced America. More importantly, for him, the solutions lay not in true change but in the addition of more complexity, more layers, to the already […]