Healing Relationships Between Couples, With Family, and at Work

bigstockphoto Unity and Strength 7552621 300x232 Healing Relationships Between Couples, With Family, and at WorkHealing Relationships Between Couples, With Family and at Work

If there is any one thing that seems to define the quality of our lives, it’s the quality of our relationships. When things are going well in our most important relationships, life is better. When things are amiss in our most important relationships, life tends to be much more dramatic—and not in a good way. Imagine you are having trouble with your spouse or significant other. Picture being in some way estranged from your parents or children. Maybe there are problems between you and your siblings or in your extended family. Possibly you are having problems with people at work. All of us have probably experienced friction in these and other important relationships in our lives. What if there was a way to proactively heal, enhance, and deepen our most important relationships? There is. Welcome to CTypes.

The practical practice of CTypes will heal, enhance and deepen relationships in almost any area of life. Examples include:

As Couples (144 CType specific Guides for Couples at All Stages of the Relationship)

As Parents

As Grown Children of Older Parents

With Siblings

With Extended Family

With Friends

At Work (CTypes at Work) and, importantly…

With Yourself

In practicing CTypes as a way of healing your relationship with yourself, you will heal the parts of yourself that are creating separation in you. This healing will allow you to reconnect more and more with your true and always loving self. As your relationship with self grows deeper and more intimate, your relationships in the outside world will magically heal too. And in this reconnection with your true self, you will begin to attract more kindred spirits into your life with whom you will have more intimate and deeply meaningful relationships.