Deepening Relationships With Taurus Star Sign/CType

Healing Relationships With a Taurus Star Sign/CType

9 Taurus 300x300 Deepening Relationships With Taurus Star Sign/CTypeTaurus CType (Bi-directional Will) in a relationship will tend to suppress his/her emotions while creating trial and error actions in the outside world. It is the overemphasis of this tendency toward trial and error action while ignoring his/her emotions that creates the majority of problems for Taurus CType in any relationship. At home, since Taurus CType takes nothing based upon faith while suppressing his/her emotions, problems in relationships will generally manifest as a lack of communication, being unfeeling or in some cases, Taurus being autocratic in the relationship. It is noteworthy that, because all CTypes project their CType thinking on to others, there may also be a tendency for Taurus to be uncomfortable when his/her partner gets excited about something based upon faith—such as personal/spiritual growth. This is especially true of Taurus men relating with women. The solution to problems for Taurus in relationship is to move toward his/her opposite CType, Scorpio (Inwardly Directed Discrimination). Read more… Sign up to receive your Free CTypes Snapshot below. To go deeper into CTypes, see our CTypes Relationship Guides, CTypes Leadership Guides and CTypes Books here.

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