Deepening Relationships With Pisces Star Sign/CType

Healing Relationships With a Pisces Star Sign/CType

7 Pisces 300x300 Deepening Relationships With Pisces Star Sign/CTypePisces CType (Outwardly Directed Discrimination) in a relationship will tend to focus on something in the outside world and make it the most important thing in his/her life. If the focus is on the relationship, Pisces may lose himself/herself in the relationship. This manifests as Pisces focus on the other being so complete that Pisces believes that the feelings of the other are Pisces’ feelings. He feels bad—I feel bad. She feels good—I feel good. This is particularly true of  Pisces women in relationship with others. If the focus is on something other than the relationship, Pisces may not be giving the relationship enough attention. It is the overemphasis of this tendency to focus on the brightest thing in the outside world that creates the majority of problems for Pisces CType in any relationship. It is noteworthy that, because all CTypes project their CType thinking on to others, there may also be a tendency for Pisces CTypes to feel that if others are not focusing on them, they somehow are diminished. The solution to problems for Pisces in relationship is to move toward his/her opposite CType, Virgo (Inwardly Directed Will). Read more… Sign up to receive your Free CTypes Snapshot below. To go deeper into CTypes, see our CTypes Relationship Guides, CTypes Leadership Guides and CTypes Books here.

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