Deepening Relationships With Leo Star Sign/CType

Healing Relationships With a Leo Star Sign/CType

Xll Leo 300x300 Deepening Relationships With Leo Star Sign/CTypeLeo CType (Bi-directional Association) in a relationship will tend to create the relationship in a way that meshes with his existing reality. Leo creates his/her universe and is lord over that universe. Leo knows everything about what he/she has created, but little about what he/she has not created. For Leo, either Leo has created it or it is baloney. This is why it is very difficult to win an argument with a Leo CType. Leo gets in trouble in relationships when he/she is too insolated in his/her universe and can’t see what is going on outside his/her universe. This is particularly true of Leo men in relationships with women. Along with complete control of his/her universe comes backbreaking responsibility. This often stresses important relationships as the others in the relationship may be seen by Leo to be contributing to the heavy load. It is the overemphasis of this tendency to be the sole creator of Leo’s world that creates the majority of problems for Leo CType in any relationship. At home, this overemphasis will generally manifest as the other in the relationship feeling Leo is heavy-handed or emotionally distant from them. Leo may difficulty understanding his/her partner, which often feels to Leo’s partner as a lack of communication.  It is noteworthy that, because all CTypes project their CType thinking on to others, there may also be a tendency for Leo CTypes to be baffled why “people don’t get it.” Problems are so clear for Leo CType. The solution to problems for Leo in relationship is to move toward his/her opposite CType, Aquarius (Outwardly Directed Sensation). Read more… Sign up to receive your Free CTypes Snapshot below. To go deeper into CTypes, see our CTypes Relationship Guides, CTypes Leadership Guides and CTypes Books here.

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