Deepening Relationships With Gemini Star Sign/CType

Healing Relationships With a Gemini Star Sign/CType

X Gemini 300x300 Deepening Relationships With Gemini Star Sign/CTypeGemini CType (Bi-directional Sensation) in a relationship will tend to be into experiencing whatever can be sensed by the five senses. Because this sensing is done in real time, Gemini will tend to be in the moment. If Gemini’s partner happens to be in front of Gemini, Gemini will tend be interested and attentive. However, when Gemini’s partner is not in the moment with Gemini, Gemini partner may be forgotten. This is a setup for relationship problems as Gemini’s partners, when forgotten, may feel that Gemini is unreliable or unfeeling. It is noteworthy that, because all CTypes project their CType thinking on to others, there may also be a tendency for Gemini to believe that those with whom he/she is in relationship are themselves prone to forgetfulness and irresponsibility. Gemini may have trouble understanding what all the fuss is about. This is especially true of Gemini men relating with women. The solution to problems for Gemini in relationship is to move toward his/her opposite CType, Sagittarius (Inward Association). Read more… Sign up to receive your Free CTypes Snapshot below. To go deeper into CTypes, see our CTypes Relationship Guides, CTypes Leadership Guides and CTypes Books here.

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