Deepening Relationships With Cancer Star Sign/CType

Healing Relationships With Cancer Star Sign/CType

Xl Cancer 300x300 Deepening Relationships With Cancer Star Sign/CTypeCancer CType (Bi-directional Discrimination) in a relationship will tend to make everyone into family and extended family and begin to nurture them. Cancer knows what’s best for those whom he/she is in relationship. However, Cancer partner may well experience too much nurturing from Cancer as Cancer’s need for control. This manifests as Cancer CType’s attempts to control being rejected and Cancer feeling a sense of betrayal. This tug-of-war of course puts stress on the relationship. It is the overemphasis of this nurturing/controlling behavior toward others that creates the majority of problems for Cancer CType in any relationship. It is noteworthy that, because all CTypes project their CType thinking on to others, there may also be a tendency for Cancer to feel that he/she is not being nurtured, which may feel like a loss of control. The solution to problems for Cancer in relationship is to move toward his/her opposite CType, Capricorn (Outwardly Directed Will). Read more… Sign up to receive your Free CTypes Snapshot below. To go deeper into CTypes, see our CTypes Relationship Guides, CTypes Leadership Guides and CTypes Books here.

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