Becoming A Better Man, Husband and Father

Becoming a Better Man, Husband, and Father

(from David Dibble’s Book CTypes – Models for Relating – Creating Intimacy and Deeper Meaning Between Couples at All Stages of the Relationship)

bigstock Happy Family  74133701 300x207 Becoming A Better Man, Husband and FatherBefore I understood the CTypes of our minds, I thought my wife, Linda, and my children were, at times, from another planet. The way they viewed the world made no sense to me. Linda always seemed to be overwhelmed with all that she had to do, and I couldn’t understand why she was so stressed out. It seemed to me that the things on her plate were manageable. And why did I sometimes feel that I was somehow to blame for her problems even though I had nothing to do with them. These were the things that seemed to stress our relationship, and I had no idea how to deal with them.

Then, there were the kids. My oldest son had a terrible time making decisions and following through on things. My middle child, who lost himself in one or two relationships or work, seemed very irresponsible in meeting family commitments and could not handle important issues that reared up in his life. My daughter, my youngest, who had the world at her feet, didn’t seem to get excited about anything. A wonderful athlete and student, president of her class, who had many friends and opportunities, she had no idea what she wanted. She seemed to lack passion and zest for life. I couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. Why didn’t she know what she wanted to do? Why couldn’t my children just focus on the most important thing and go for it? That’s how I ran my own life and what I recommended doing. It worked for me. How could they not see that following my sage wisdom was the best way to solve their problems? Many times it seemed that they didn’t really want my advice. Imagine that. It was frustrating for a husband and father who wanted the best for his family.

Little did I know that my family’s experiences seemed so strange to me and my advice so strange to them because of the different ways our CharacterTypes (CTypes) processed information and related with our respective worlds. Linda’s mind has a CType that generates sometimes overwhelming, multi-faceted scenarios of things to do that even Superwoman couldn’t complete. A CType that has a difficult time making decisions influences my oldest son’s mind. The younger son’s mind loses itself in the work he is doing or a person on which he focuses and forgets about other commitments. My daughter’s mind has a CType that has a difficult time creating passion and meaning in life.

The brilliant part of understanding the CTypes of the mind is that you begin to see a ready-made strategy for resolving almost any problem. By assisting each family member with a customized, CType-specific, life-enhancing strategy, each was able to learn, grow, and experience greater success. More importantly, with the understanding of CTypes, I was able to catch my mind projecting its own CType on my loved ones and everyone else in my life. They don’t think like I do? What a revelation! Not only that, I was able to understand my own challenges in a whole new way and with the perfect solution ready to implement.

Understanding CTypes changed everything. I became a better, more understanding husband and father with deeper, more meaningful relationships with the people I cared most about in the world. Taking a moment to learn the CTypes of the mind can deepen all of our relationships at home, at work, and in life. This remarkable body of knowledge is truly a blessing of the highest order.

With love and respect,

David Dibble