Gemini CType Professionals – Coaches, Therapists and Counselors Creating Closer Relationships With Clients

Powerful Relationship Building Practices for Gemini CType (star sign/Sun sign Western Zodiac) Coaches, Therapists and Counselors (professionals)

X Gemini3 300x300 Gemini CType Professionals – Coaches, Therapists and Counselors Creating Closer Relationships With ClientsThere is a natural tendency for every CType (star sign/Sun sign Western Zodiac) to project his/her way of thinking on to others. Projection of one’s CType on to others is based upon the faulty assumption that everyone else thinks like I do. This puts CTypes at the heart of much of the miscommunication, frustration, and friction in stressed or problematic relationships. For a coach, therapist or counselor (professional) working with clients, CType projection carries with it two major pitfalls: 1. The coach, therapist or counselor will not realize that the client’s problems may be directly related to the client doing too much of his/her own CType and 2. The coach, therapist or counselor may offer support based upon his/her own CType instead of upon the client’s CType. Regardless of how skilled the professional may be, unless CType is entered into the equation, support cannot be optimized.

CTypes in Action With Coaches, Therapists, and Counselors

For instance, Dr. Phil McGraw is a Virgo CType. Watching Dr. Phil work with people, we see that his style and advice for clients tends to be Virgo and Pisces (Virgo’s opposite) CType oriented. While his may be good advice, it is probably not the best advice for most people. Imagine if Dr. Phil were to relate with his clients knowing each client’s CType and how that CType thinks and functions in the world. Moving one step further, Imagine if Dr. Phil knew that the best advice he could give his clients was to help them move to their opposite CTypes. This likely would elevate even more Dr. Phil’s already high level of effectiveness.  That is the power of CTypes for professionals. Of course, a professional knowing his/her own CType and using care not to project that CType on to the clients is also hugely beneficial—for both client and professional.

Gemini CType Thinking

Gemini Masculine Mind looks out into the world and brings in any information that can be captured by the five senses. Then, he looks in at the Feminine Mind, at the memories and emotions that are associated with what he has sensed in the world, and then looks back out again, and so on. He tends to see only what is in front of him, only what he is sensing in that moment, and has difficulty conceiving of the past or the future with clarity. Whereas Gemini’s opposite, Sagittarius, spends most of his time in the past and future, Gemini is in the moment.

Because Gemini is in the moment, he does not easily perceive continuity, the flow of events from one to another. For this reason, he may be a bit on the fickle side, engrossed in whatever is in front of him right now. To the person in front of a Gemini, he will be attentive, interested, and possibly flattering. However, once someone else is in front of Gemini, the first person may be forgotten. Although Gemini can appear to be unreliable and unpredictable, he is not. With his complete attention on the here and now, Gemini may have forgotten what just happened, what he said, or what he was going to do.

Gemini is sometimes described as “the twins,” two people. However, he is not really two different personalities, but rather a person who behaves according to the moment while forgetting past and future.

Optimizing the Relationships Between Professionals and Their Clients

To optimize the quality of his/her work, a Gemini CType coach, therapist, or counselor will want to consider these CType possibilities:

1.     Avoid projecting your own CType on to your clients.

2.     With awareness, listen to your client with an ear for the expression of his/her CType.

3.     Consider that your client’s problems in life are being created by him/her doing too much of his/her natural CType thinking.

4.     Consider that your client can solve his/her problems and grow personally, professionally and spiritually by moving toward his/her opposite CType (moving toward our opposites is difficult for all CTypes).

5.     Consider that, as a professional coach, therapist or counselor, you will do your best work and grow personally, professionally and spiritually by moving toward your opposite CType, Sagittarius (star sign/Sun sign Western Zodiac).

Note: Coming soon we will have available on this website a complete set of 144 CType specific Guides for Coaches, Therapists, and Counselors using CTypes to optimize their working relationships with clients.

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