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Taking Your Practice to a Whole New Level

bigstock Growth Theme 125036 300x222 For ProfessionalsFor coaches, therapists and counselors, CTypes offers a unique and powerful aspect to your work that takes your practice to new levels of communication and effectiveness. Imagine that you knew your client’s problems before they shared them with you. Imagine further that along with knowing the problem, you also had the solution to the problem and a robust life change implementation strategy. This is available to you as a practitioner of CTypes.

Importantly for all professionals using CTypes in their classrooms or practices, you too will grow professionally and personally. You will clearly see how you may have unconsciously been projecting your way of thinking and relating on your students and clients. Your way of thinking and learning in most cases will not be the optimum way for your student and clients to learn and grow. However, you will have at your fingertips the best strategy for communicating and relating with specific clients or customers. With a little awareness on your part, you will always know the best way to handle any situation—including your own situations. For coaches, therapists, counselors or any professional, CTypes may become the most powerful tool in your toolbox. You may even choose to become Certified to use and teach CTypes in the workplace and with groups. For more CType specific information for Professionals, see below.

For Professionals

  • Professionals Introduced to the 12 CTypes (star sign Western Zodiac)

    Coaches, Therapists and Counselors Building Deeper Relationships With Their Clients Below you will find CType specific information for coaches, therapists, and counselors. We will soon have available a complete set of 144 CType specific CType Guides for Professionals Relating With Clients.