Parents Relating With Children

Using CTypes as a Guide for Parents Relating With Children

Lindas Mothers 85th Birthday Were All Someones Children 300x225 Parents Relating With ChildrenLinda and I have been using CTypes to assist us in the parenting of our children for more than 20 years. It has proved invaluable. While CTypes have provided the insights to communicate at deeper levels with our children, they have also provided solutions to many of traditional problems the kids encounter growing up. For our boys, their problems were usually around school, sports and testing the boundaries of authority–including mine (smile). For my daughter, it seemed her most “important” issues revolved around peer relationships, but also including her relationship with Linda and me. All of our kids are strong-willed and I can’t tell you how many times we were “saved” as parents because we knew that the solution to our kid’s problems was for them to move toward their opposite CTypes. Importantly. when Linda and I found ourselves exasperated by our kids (all good parents have their moments, yes?), we knew too that it was time for us to move toward our opposite CTypes. We will soon be adding to this website a complete set of 144 CType specific Parent Guides for Working With Children.