CTypes Healing Relationships

CTypes (star signs of the Western Zodiac): Healing and Deepening Relationships Between Couples, With Family and at Work

bigstock Couple Appreciating The Sunset 228751 300x199 CTypes Healing RelationshipsFor over 30 years I have been on a quest to learn as much as possible about the workplace, relationships, and myself. The work I have done could be described as a lifelong commitment to attaining some degree of higher consciousness and possibly even moments of enlightenment. For the workplace,  I created a program for developing conscious leaders as much for myself as others. And in relationships, I have sought to use my learning to heal any difficulties I experience with family, friends, and co-workers as they arise.

Along the way I have had the privilege to study with a number of master teachers and people of wisdom. What struck me in being blessed to work with these spiritual teachers was how, at its essence, their teachings are much the same. These teachings that span many bodies of knowledge and wisdom have been termed Universal Spiritual Principles.

cpl book cover2 231x300 CTypes Healing RelationshipsStarting in 1987 and for six years I studied a body of knowledge called CharacterTypes (CTypes). CTypes describes how we THINK and process information. Since that time, we taught a small group of talented practitioners who have found CTypes quite valuable in working with family, associates at work and clients. They too  have found CTypes to be a powerful tool for understanding and deepening relationships with self and others. CTypes, by themselves, offer a practical practice to create deeper, more meaningful and ultimately, better relationships with your spouse, children, family members, co-workers and friends. If practiced widely, CTypes might well be a powerful problem solver for humanity. Used in conjunction with other personal and professional growth practices, CTypes are a powerful accelerant in healing and improving relationships with the most important people in your life.

We have been “sitting on” CTypes for more than 20 years. This is because the time to take CTypes into the world in a significant and meaningful way was not right. However, as we all can feel, times are changing in the world—rapidly! The rapid changes we are experiencing have been termed by the great Bucky Fuller as “accelerating acceleration.” In many cases, the overly expedient solutions to past problems have become the source of today’s issues and dysfunctional relationships. Now, poor communication and fear-based relationships only add to an individual’s and humanity’s woes. bigstock Yellow Background 887343 150x150 CTypes Healing RelationshipsThe solution to our problem relationships in life is to elevate ourselves to higher levels of connection, understanding and communication. CTypes offers just such a possibility.

The Mind Creates Our Reality

Before we meet the CTypes that live in each of us, we must first explore the human mind. Of the roughly seven billion people who currently inhabit our planet, no two experience life the same. Of course, with seven billion different realities, there can be no single reality that is “true.” Literally, the mind of each individual makes up his/her reality and the individual assumes, wrongly, that his/her reality is the valid one. This unconscious assumption/belief keeps individuals stuck in fear-based realities that are unhealthy to mind, body, and spirit. Transforming  fear-based thoughts and beliefs in the mind to ones based on love and respect is what being a spiritual path is all about. If we want to change our lives or change the world, we must transform our thoughts and beliefs. Simple, but not easy, yes?

The Four Parts of the Mind

The human mind has four components: the Masculine Mind, the Feminine Mind, the Authoritarian Mind, and the Spiritual Mind. These four parts of the mind determine how human beings process information, interact with our world, and, ultimately, create the reality that each individual experiences as “life.”

The Masculine Mind (he) is the logical part of the psyche, the part that speaks and “thinks.” The Masculine Mind is associated with the part of the brain called the Cerebral Cortex. He is the part of us that wakes up in the morning. He is also the youngest part of our psyche and the loudest, demanding that he be heard almost all of the time in our waking state. He’s that little voice that is always chattering in our heads. You know, that voice that might be saying right now, “What little voice?” The Masculine Mind is the thinking part of us that expresses in words, reason, numbers, and logic.

The Feminine Mind (she) is made up of memories and emotions and is associated with the Mammalian Brain. She’s the part of us that controls emotion and the hormonal system. By applying various levels of emotional energy to thoughts, beliefs, and memories, she gives them value. She is the intuitive part of us that creates relationships with others, nurtures family and community, and expresses feelings and emotions.

The Authoritarian Mind is the maker of rules, regulations, and boundaries and is associated with the Reptilian Brain. It tells us what is right and wrong. It is territorial, black and white, fight or flight, and sees the world in the cold-blooded, unemotional way that a reptile might. The Authoritarian Mind is established by authority figures, mostly in the early years, by our parents. We might say that the Authoritarian Mind is our domestication by the authority figures in our lives.

The Spiritual Mind is our connection with nature, our planet, and the cosmos and is associated with the part of the brain called the Pineal. The Spiritual Mind regulates our bio-clock and is sensitive to light. It is the part of the mind that is closest to Inner Wisdom. It is the part of us that connects us to our higher purpose including a higher purpose for work.

Balancing the Four Parts of the Mind

Although both men and women have all four aspects of the mind in them, a man’s identity resides more within the Masculine and Authoritarian Minds, while a woman’s identity resides more in the Feminine and Spiritual Minds. These tendencies account for some of the general differences we see between men and women.

bigstock Arm Wrestle   8810351 300x240 CTypes Healing RelationshipsIt is also apparent that many of the problems we face at home, in the workplace, and in the world are a result of unconscious mindsets that overvalue the Masculine and Authoritarian Minds at the expense of the Feminine and Spiritual Minds. This imbalance is responsible for many of the intractable problems created by unconscious leadership models that have systematically suppressed women (Feminine Mind) and acted with complete disregard for nature, community, and life in general (Spiritual Mind).

A balancing and reunion of the four parts of the mind is needed for individuals, humanity, and our planet to become whole and healthy again. CTypes tells us how to do this.

CTypes and the Mind

The character of each part of the mind is determined by one of twelve CTypes, creating tens of thousands of potential CType profiles. Fortunately, for practical purposes, we need work only with the CTypes of the Masculine Mind to heal and grow. The Masculine Mind (thinking) is closest to the surface, easiest to work with, and has the potential for most rapid change in people and relationships and affects the other parts of the mind. Because from this point forward, we are only talking about CTypes of the Masculine Mind, we refer to the CType, whether it be a man or woman, in the masculine as he, his, or him.

The Four Attributes of CTypes

CTMasculineMindWebColorSmall2 CTypes Healing RelationshipsThe twelve CTypes of the Masculine Mind fall into four groups of attributes that interact with the world in one of four ways: Will, Sensation, Discrimination, and Association. A Will CType interacts with his world by creating action. A Sensation CType interacts with his world through the five senses. A Discrimination CType focuses on something, giving it greater importance than other things in his world. An Association CType selects two or more things and puts them together to create or assemble something new.

The Three Directions of CTypes

CTypes of the Masculine Mind are also grouped and interact in one of three directions: Inward, looking in at the Feminine Mind; Outward, looking out into the outside world; and Bi-directional, alternately looking in at the Feminine Mind and then looking out at the outside world. Thus, we have three directions multiplied by four ways of interacting with the world totaling twelve CTypes.

Healing and Growing through CType Opposites

Each CType has an opposite alternative (opposite). When a CType runs into trouble in life, it is usually because he is doing too much of his/her natural CType. As with any good thing, too much usually creates its own set of problems. The usual strategy for a CType having problems is to continue to do more of what is creating the problems.

However, when the pain becomes strong enough and previous solutions are ineffective, the most effective choice for solving his problems is to move toward his opposite. A CType will only move toward his opposite, and thereby evolve or grow, when the emotional energy of an experience (life) is high enough to act as a catalyst for movement. Thus, it is the emotions, an event with high emotional energy, which usually triggers the move toward the opposite and promotes personal and spiritual growth.

When a CType begins to embrace change, the move to the opposite alternative becomes easier. Once an individual understands his own CType and has practiced the move to his opposite, this practice becomes a powerful tool for accelerating personal and spiritual growth and addressing problems that can be solved in no other way. Moving to the opposite alternative becomes a success strategy that is highly reliable.

As you read about the twelve CTypes, remember that humans grow by going to their opposite, a shift that can happen only when there is enough emotion in life experience to impel the need to change. Once a CType has moved toward his opposite for a time, the attributes of the opposite are integrated into the attributes of his natural CType and, to grow again, he must move to his opposite once more. With each move toward the opposite, higher levels of understanding are gained and personal/spiritual/professional growth attained. In other words, there is no end to the growth process. The journey of conscious evolution is ongoing.

Understanding Ourselves and Others with CTypes

Each CType tends to project his own way of interacting with the world on to other people. Thus, we often have a difficult time understanding why other people think or behave in such strange ways, the unconscious assumption being everyone else thinks like I do. This tendency to project the way we see the world on to others can be a pitfall, acting as a major barrier to understanding and relating with others.

However, the reverse is also true. If we can understand and be aware of the tendencies of the various CTypes, we have a powerful practice for creating deeper understanding of self and others. This becomes a means to develop closer, more loving and satisfying relationships at all levels, both in the workplace and at home.

More importantly, CTypes give us a reliable methodology for understanding our problems (doing too much of our CType natural) and a reliable strategy for solving the problems (moving to our opposite). For conscious leaders, parents, teachers, couples, and friends, imagine the power of CTypes in helping people solve problems and grow personally and spiritually.

“Good” and “Bad” CTypes

Though we may want to attach the “good” or “bad” label to a particular CType, there are no good or bad CTypes. There is only the fact that each CType processes information in the way described. The way a CType processes information creates tendencies in the part of the mind which has that specific CType. These tendencies in the mind result in inclinations that we can look for in thinking and, often, in behavior. While we can make a case that every human being and every CType is better at some things and challenged by others, there is no good or bad or better or worse. Judgments of good or bad live only in the mind, not in CTypes.

Determining Your CType

Each CType is created in the individual according to  date, time, and place of the person’s birth and corresponds to the signs of the Western Zodiac. Yet CType is not associated with astrology. However, because we often talk about the signs of the Zodiac, the natural tendency is to think of CType as something that came from astrology. It didn’t. The body of knowledge we call CTypes came directly from Inner Wisdom, the part of each of us that knows and is connected to all wisdom. CTypes are as eternal as the human mind and human evolution. Although CTypes have been with us since the beginning of time (time being created only in the human mind), they are simply an idea whose time has come.

CTypes and Astrology

For those of you who are into astrology, let me share a couple of thoughts. Although I know little about astrology, my personal belief is that there is a connection between human beings and the planets and stars. Physics tells us as much. The fact that the human body contains a number of elements essential to life that do not exist on Earth, is telling. Most of these essential elements come to Earth from red giant stars (dying stars) in a never-ending gentle rain of stardust. I have my own beliefs of how these connections work, but I do not discount astrology either. However, there is one important feature of CTypes that goes against the little I know of astrology: there are no cusps with CTypes nor is a CType influenced by how close his/her date and time of birth is to the cutoff to another CType.

Do CTypes Really Work?

Over the years, as a part of our personal and professional transformation work with clients, students, and leaders in business, we have been confronted by deep skepticism of CTypes on more than a few occasions. In one memorable case, I taught CTypes to a group of 32 executives, including CEOs of significant companies. As might be expected, when introduced to CTypes, many of these executives were quite skeptical. However, in every case where CTypes were tested by even the most skeptical person, both at work and at home, CTypes proved their validity. In many cases, CTypes offered ways of creating understanding and solving problems with spouses, children, and peers that could not be addressed in any other way by that high-level executive. In fact, most found the use of CTypes to be not only valuable, but also a great deal of fun.

Dibble-ism: We learn the most and do our best work when we are having fun.

My intent in bringing CTypes to you is not to convince you of anything or attempt to change your mind. Only you can do that. I will, however, encourage you to test CTypes in your world. Look for how they work in your relationships, with your kids, with your boss or peers or in anyone with whom you wish to create deeper understanding or connection.

Although looking in the mirror can be challenging, look for CTypes, above all, in yourself. If you are having a problem, see if it might be related to doing too much of your natural CType. If you are feeling ready to grow and change your life, ask yourself if moving toward your opposite CType might prove effective. Be the observer. As you observe and look for CTypes in yourself and others, you will see it everywhere. In the simple act of observing, you will begin to grow and change.

Your CType

If you are still with me, let’s take a look at the CTypes that live within.

They are:

CType Natural CType Opposite
Inward Will — Virgo Outward Discrimination — Pisces
Inward Sensation — Libra Outward Association — Aries
Inward Discrimination Scorpio Bi-directional Will — Taurus
Inward Association Sagittarius Bi-directional Sensation — Gemini
Outward Will Capricorn Bi-directional Discrimination — Cancer
Outward Sensation Aquarius Bi-directional Association — Leo
Outward Discrimination Pisces Inward Will — Virgo
Outward Association Aries Inward Sensation — Libra
Bi-directional WillTaurus Inward Discrimination — Scorpio
Bi-directional Sensation — Gemini Inward Association — Sagittarius
Bi-directional DiscriminationCancer Outward Will — Capricorn
Bi-directional Association Leo Outward Sensation — Aquarius

Now that you know your CType and have a basic understanding of how they work, I encourage you to sign up to receive a free CType Snapshot that describes your CType and others in more detail. The Snapshot will be immediately emailed to you in PDF format.

In addition, be sure to look for my newly revised CTypes book and 144 CType-specific Relationship Guides for deepening relationships between couples at all stages of the relationship in our Catalog.

Another set of 144 CType-specific Leadership Guides for manager/leaders working to grow subordinates or solve problems in the workplace are also available here in our Catalog and at www.daviddibble.com (our conscious leadership website).

Coming soon here will be two complete sets of 144 CType-specific Guides: 1. Professional Practice Guides for Teachers, Coaches, Therapists, Counselors, and Consultants in working with students and clients and 2. Parents Working With Children. These set of guidelines will be available at both www.ctypes.com and www.daviddibble.com.

For those of you who want to go deeper into CTypes and/or be certified in the practice of CTypes , look for our two CTypes trainings: 1) Introduction to CTypes and 2) our follow-on CTypes Teacher Training/Certification.

Thank you for reading my words. Thank you, thank you, thank you (David’s Relationship Mantra).

With conscious admiration and respect,

David Dibble

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