Can We Heal Important Relationships Worldwide?

CTypes Heal Relationships at Home and at Work. Why Not Worldwide? Why Not Indeed.

bigstock Business Hand Holding A Globe 9636141 300x218 Can We Heal Important Relationships Worldwide?The mind is a wonderful thing. It creates each of our realities. However, the mind is naturally resistant to change. This poses a problem for those of us confronted by rapidly changing environments—which is most of us. Our wired in unconscious resistance to change usually causes high levels of personal stress. I have a saying, “The mind is the last to get it.” What I’m saying is that when things are changing in life, the conscious mind is last to see the changes. The mind tends to filter out anything unlike itself.

It’s the same for CTypes. All CTypes get in trouble in life when they do too much of their natural CType. If you are a Libra Zodiac star (Sun) sign, you will create problems in your life and relationships when you do too much Libra. However, the Libra mind’s natural reaction to problems in life and relationships is to do more Libra. It’s the same for all Zodiac star (Sun) signs. All CTypes, when in trouble, tend to do more of thier natural CTypes, putting even more stress on relationships and making problems worse. Instead, to grow and solve problems in life, a CType must move toward its opposite. In the case of Libra, to heal relationships and solve problems in life, Libra must move toward Aries.

I believe that humanity is now in a process that goes beyond change and into the mind-boggling world of transformation and transcendence. Universal principles, divine guidance, and grace are aligning to bring this transformation to humanity—and to our relationships among and between individuals everywhere. Many kindred spirits are coming forward to assist in guiding humanity through this time of great change. The universal principles of CTypes of the mind will be, I believe, important in the raising of consciousness in the human collective. If tomorrow every human being moved toward his/her opposite CType, the world would transcend to higher levels of consciousness–Tomorrow! Relationships would be healed–Including our relationship with other living things and our planet. This is not to say that there would not be much more work to do. The work is ongoing. To create a humanity based in love rather than fear will require many moves to our opposite CTypes. Still, to have within our grasp a CType strategy and methodology for healing our relationships as a species, is inspiring and comforting.

It is my feeling that this is the most exciting time in the history of humanity to be here–in a body–doing this work. It’s time. CTypes is a universal principle whose time has come. As Hopi wisdom says so well, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”