CTypes Training & Certification

We Teach What We Need to Learn – We Teach CTypes to Help Others and, More Importantly, to Master Our Own Lives

For those of you who want to go deeper into CTypes, we offer three CTypes Training programs:

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CTypes Teacher Training

1. Introduction to CTypes (online)  – This online training takes students to deeper levels of understanding and practical practice of CTypes with self and others. The course includes:

Each CType Introductory Training Course includes:

  • Comprehensive, easy to follow Videos
  • 73-page Workbook
  • CTypes for Couples Book
  • 12 CTypes for Couples Guides for your CType relating with each of the 12 CTypes

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CTypes Teacher Training

2. CTypes For Professionals (onine). This powerful training is for coaches, counselors, therapists and teachers working with their clients and students. The online training takes the practitioner through the process of using CTypes  as a way of bringing significant added value to clients and students–and to the practitioner. This training includes:

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3. CType Teacher Training Certification Program (onsite – 18 CEUs for Qualified Participants) – This three-day program takes students to a depth of understanding whereby they can effectively work with individuals, peers or groups, both in and outside the workplace. In the workplace, CTypes can effectively be used in building teams and solving problems with individuals, large and small groups, or between departments. Outside the workplace, this training will be equally effective in preparing graduates to begin teaching, working with groups, peers, clients or students.

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David & Linda Model What They Teach

People from the workplace who should attend include: Leader/Managers, Sales Personnel, HR Personnel, Project Teams or those responsible for team or culture  building.  Individuals who should attend include: Coaches, Counselors, Teachers, Therapists, Small or Home Business Owners, People who have a need to create empowering relationships–both at home or work.


This yearly program will be held November 7-9, 2011 in San Diego, CA. For additional information and preregistration updates, please send us your specific interest in the form below. For information and to register to receive a hefty early bird discount, click here.