This invaluable work opens perception to the strengths and challenges that each of us face. As a therapist and life coach, I studied the CTypes as a possible addition to helping my clients. When I truly tested the accuracy of this brilliant modality in my practice, I really got behind it. Now, I more easily understand how clients process information, create problems in their lives and how I can best support them in working through challenging times in their lives. I have a deeper respect for each individual and for myself as a therapist and a women in the world.
Victoria Allen, M.A. - Therapist ~ Life Coach

CTypes are tools that allow me to operate at higher levels of awareness in my communication with my family and clients. Using my knowledge of CTypes, I can present my communication in a manner that allows others to best receive and process it. This increases the possibility of mutual understanding and deepening of relationships. The domestic conflicts I encounter in my work are often quite dramatic. CType has proved invaluable in the area of conflict resolution, both at work and at home. — Heather Goldstein – Family Services, Colorado

I’ve had to work not to take things personally. CTypes gave me the knowledge I needed to not take my interactions with people so personally.  In fact, it improved all of my relationships. If you have difficult relationships in your life, work, kids, friends, family, etc., then I recommend that you take a few minutes to learn about CTypes. It can also change everything for you. - Barry Matties – Co-Founder, PCB007 Online Trade Magazines

I hope you two are doing well.  I think about you often.  The ripple effect of what I have learned from the two of you continues to extend here in Oregon. A day doesn’t go by with out me thinking about and practicing the information I learned from you, especially CTypes and DreamWork. – Dan Schweigert. MD

“I use CTypes in therapy sessions with clients all the time.  It helps me recognize where they are and in what support they need to grow and change. I use CTypes to stay aware of my own thinking and my natural tendency to project my thinking on to others. It’s critical in my practice that I be aware that my clients do not  think like I do. At home and with my husband we are always looking for ways to move toward our opposites to grow and deepen our relationship. I consider CTypes as a central practice on my path of personal growth.” – Mitra Sarkhosh, Marriage and Family Therapist