Introduction to CTypes (star signs of the Western Zodiac)

CTypes of the Thinking Mind – Now We Can Relate With Each Other at Deeper, More Meaningful Levels

From David’s Book, CTypes – Model for Relating With Self and Others


Every now and then we discover something powerful, useful, and profound about ourselves that changes our entire world. You are about to make such a discovery and to explore a whole new way of looking at yourself and the people around you, in the workplace, at home, and in all aspects of life. The techniques I have developed and describe in this book, I refer to as CharacterTypes or CTypes.

bigstock Doorway To Dreams 1293224 300x225 Introduction to CTypes (star signs of the Western Zodiac)The information documented here on CTypes comes from Inner Wisdom that lives in every human being and is part of a larger body of work called DreamWork. It therefore contains no references to outside sources. I will, however, shed light on the process through which this information was made available to me.

DreamWork consists of two amazing bodies of knowledge: DreamWork Dream Interpretation and DreamWork CharacterTypes. DreamWork Dream Interpretation, at its essence, asks questions of Inner Wisdom and receives answers in the form of messages embedded in a sleeping dream. As we continue, we will refer to DreamWork Dream Interpretation simply as DreamWork and DreamWork CharacterTypes as CharacterTypes (henceforth also referred to as CTypes). These bodies of knowledge are gifts from Inner Wisdom to all who are pulled to this remarkable work. DreamWork and CTypes are the result of over thirty years of scientific dream research.

With all humility, the bodies of knowledge that have been gifted to us through DreamWork and CTypes are not mine, nor do they belong to anyone. Spirit, God, Pure Consciousness, Higher Mind, Universal Knowing, the One, or whatever designation you give the Great Spirit that is omnipresent in every human being and every “thing,” gave them to us. I call this omnipresent intelligence Inner Wisdom. Still, I must acknowledge the first channel for this knowledge: my friend, former teacher, and a brilliant researcher, Dr. Álvaro Lopez-Watermann. (More about this incredible human being is presented in the chapter entitled “The History of DreamWork and CTypes.”) Over a period of Álvaro’s now more than thirty-five years of dream research, Inner Wisdom explained what actually happens when we dream and how to interpret our dreams to receive important guidance on this journey we call life.

bigstock Head Brain Processor 36463751 150x150 Introduction to CTypes (star signs of the Western Zodiac)Regardless of the events taking place in your life right now, your dreams contain all the information you need to be a happy, fulfilled, and fully-expressed human being. Inner Wisdom will not only tell you why life may be troublesome at times, but will also give you the perfect strategy to resolve life’s most daunting challenges.

In the process of asking Inner Wisdom life’s most profound questions and receiving essential guidance, Álvaro noticed that dreams seemed to cluster into one of twelve categories. Inner Wisdom revealed to Álvaro that we each have within us CTypes that determine how we think and process information. Even more startling was the fact that people could use the principles of CTypes as a “can’t miss” approach to solving life’s most pressing problems. Imagine having a foolproof strategy for solving life’s problems before even knowing the problem, or mastering a life principle that allowed you to enhance and deepen any relationship, including your relationship with yourself. Therein lies the power of CTypes.

Although CTypes are determined by an individual’s date, time, and place of birth and correspond to delineations of the signs of the Western Zodiac, CTypes are not associated with what would traditionally be known as Astrology. While Astrology foretells behavioral tendencies and events of the future based on the influences of stars and planets, CTypes address how humans think, process information, and relate with the rest of world. In similar situations, people with the same CType (thinking process) may take actions that are different from one another, because although the thinking process influences behavior, it is also influenced by many additional factors, such as social tradition and conditioning. Astrological predictions for people with the same Zodiac star sign describe the unfolding of future events and behaviors for all those with that star sign, based wholly on the position of celestial bodies. While I do not discount Astrology, CType is a much different body of knowledge.

The Characters That Live Within

gen book cover 231x300 Introduction to CTypes (star signs of the Western Zodiac)The CTypes that live in each of us shape the way we process data and, in many instances, how we relate with the world around us. This is the story of those CTypes and how you can use them to become better leaders, coaches, teachers, friends, lovers, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sons, or daughters. Beyond that, simply better, more conscious and loving people. Getting to know these CTypes will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and human nature and will act as a powerful tool for enhancing your interpersonal relations as couples in virtually any stage of the relationship.

Some of you will have difficulty believing that your mind processes information in accordance with your CType. A few of you may even be insulted and say that your thought processes are nothing like those of your CType. That’s fine. We are not sharing this information with you to convince you of anything. We recommend to everyone who has an interest in this remarkable knowledge to simply test it out in the world. Keep an open mind and just observe those closest to you for clues that they are processing information in a manner consistent with their CType. Although it can be more challenging to look in the mirror, be aware of your own thought processes and resulting behavior. The more you look, the more CType you will see, both in others and yourself.

The descriptions in this book are of the twelve CTypes that influence our thinking. If you explore yourself and the people around you in these terms, you will begin to see that we really do interact with the world and process data in the ways described. It is important that this information not be used to label or “pigeonhole” people. If you are observant and aware of the CType of your mind and the minds of others, this wisdom is a wonderful tool for understanding and building rapport and meaningful relationships with yourself, your loved ones, your colleagues, and anyone else with whom you wish to develop closer ties. Buy David’s Books Here.