History of CTypes (star signs of the Western Zodiac)

History of CTypes (star signs of the Western Zodiac)

A Gift From Inner Wisdom

From David’s Book, CTypes – Model for Relating With Self and Others

The History of DreamWork and CTypes

gen book cover 231x300 History of CTypes (star signs of the Western Zodiac)Even as a young man, Álvaro Lopez-Watermann accomplished much. From the humble beginnings as the oldest of eleven children and living in abject poverty in a house with a dirt floor, he became a top student. He attended the University of Texas where he displayed a gift for research but was forced to quit late in his senior year when his student aid was cut. It wasn’t until many years later that he was able to complete his education and earn his Ph.D.

Away from college, Álvaro yearned to become a photographer and determined that he would somehow attend the best photography school in the land. However, the tuition fees for attending the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles were very high. Most fortunately, a benefactor heard of Álvaro’s dream and provided the funds for him to attend the prestigious photography school.

Álvaro graduated school with high marks and landed a most exciting assignment: he would work with labor leader César Chávez to create a photo documentary of the variety and richness of Mexican-American culture in the southwest United States. In the days leading to his departure for this assignment, Álvaro realized that there must be a deeper meaning to life and that he would never find this higher purpose by imposing upon himself a mundane life of work and family attachments that were considered a “normal” life. With $1.50 in his pocket, Álvaro went “missing” to explore life with no attachments or expectations from anyone other than himself.

While traveling in 1975, Álvaro met Bill L., an engineer who had been researching dreams extensively for over twenty-six years. Bill told Álvaro that in 1949 he had fallen asleep with a newspaper open to the sports page on his chest. Bill had dreamt a powerful dream in which he saw a horse named Red Greer, the fifth horse in the fifth race, win. When Bill awoke from this dream, he saw that Red Greer, an extreme long shot, was running the next day at a nearby racetrack and, sure enough, Red Greer was the number five horse in the fifth race. Bill bet $5 on Red Greer. The horse won and returned hundreds of dollars on Bill’s five-dollar bet. Ecstatic, Bill set out to dream more winners.

For the twenty-six years that followed, Bill had tried to predict the winning numbers of horses through his dreams. He found that if he attempted to pick a winning number in a race with more than twelve horses, his dreams were bizarre and disturbing. Little did Bill know, his one-through-twelve numbering of dreams was the beginning of a breakthrough into understanding the nature of human thinking, CTypes.

Trying to decode hundreds of his own dreams, Bill had, however, reached an impasse. He felt he was missing something and asked Álvaro if he would take a look at the dream data. Bill believed Álvaro, being a researcher, might see what he could not. Bill also told Álvaro that in meditation a year prior to their meeting, he had seen Álvaro’s face and a voice had told him that in approximately one year Álvaro would appear to help him. Álvaro thought that Bill’s research was a complete crock, but Bill was offering him much-needed work. Álvaro decided to prove Bill wrong.

Álvaro proceeded to throw himself into Bill’s dream data with a newfound passion. Over the course of a year, Álvaro recorded his own dreams, producing hundreds of pages of data. He noticed patterns and soon discovered that he could access his Inner Wisdom during the sleeping dream state through a process he called Dream Assignments. A Dream Assignment was a simple letter written in a specific way that asked a question of Inner Wisdom. Álvaro asked questions about how to interpret dreams to extract the answers to his questions. The information that emerged from Inner Wisdom was so profound that it turned much of what he knew about dreams and the human psyche upside down. Prominent in his research was the discovery of the CTypes that exist in every human mind which determine how an individual thinks and processes information. For the next twelve years, Álvaro continued his in-depth research into the nature of dreams, recording volumes of dreams and thousands of additional pages of data.

Álvaro Shares His Discoveries with David

In 1987, my family moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. I had heard that Santa Fe was a place that either embraced you or spit you out. Luckily, we were one of the families that Santa Fe chose to embrace. I had no idea that my destiny and my work were to be forever changed by the move to Santa Fe and a “chance” meeting with the brilliant researcher, Dr. Álvaro Lopez-Watermann.

Linda, my beautiful wife, first met Álvaro and his spouse, Gabriella, at the school our children attended. When Linda heard what Álvaro had discovered in his then almost twelve years of research into the meaning of dreams, she knew intuitively that Álvaro and I should meet. Arrangements were made for Álvaro and me to get together, share our work, and learn about each other.

DreamworkBookCover1Page 194x300 History of CTypes (star signs of the Western Zodiac)When I saw the data that Álvaro had painstakingly recorded on what he called DreamWork, I was stunned. The depth and potential ramifications of the work were mind-boggling. Álvaro had discovered a way to access our Inner Wisdom through the sleeping dream state. More importantly, he had been told by Inner Wisdom how to ask and receive answers for even the most profound and deeply meaningful questions. In addition, Inner Wisdom revealed to him how to extract the answers from dreams through a process of dream interpretation that was both revolutionary and remarkable. This methodology created an entirely new possibility in the realm of dream interpretation.

I asked Álvaro how I might learn more about DreamWork and CTypes. He laughed, saying that a number of others had previously expressed interest in learning DreamWork and CTypes, but none had followed through. He was clear that mastering the work was not a trivial pursuit. I persisted, and he suggested that I read a little synopsis of the work he had written and then decide if I wanted to pursue the work. I agreed and he handed me 500 pages of research to slog my way through, which I did. Even more intrigued, I came back for more.

Learning DreamWork

It has always been part of my passionate personality to dive into things that interest me, especially if those interests will somehow further my spiritual growth and evolution. So naturally I jumped enthusiastically into learning DreamWork and CTypes. Over the six years that followed my “chance” meeting with Álvaro, I immersed myself in the work, spending as much time with him as possible. I read every note, every page, and listened to every tape. I did Dream Assignment after Dream Assignment. At one point, I spent fourteen straight days with Álvaro doing some of the most intense personal growth work in my life. The work was extraordinary. Little by little, I mastered the work and began using DreamWork and CTypes as a primary tool in assisting students and clients to grow and change.

I soon found that DreamWork and  CTypes had applications in all areas of life. I didn’t make a major decision without asking Inner Wisdom for guidance in a dream. To enhance my relationships, I started first with CTypes. The results were nothing short of extraordinary. If Linda and I were having problems, CTypes provided a ready solution. The same also held true in parenting our children. My students and clients were also pulled to DreamWork and CTypes. They would ask powerful questions and receive answers to  such inquiries as:

  • What is my purpose in this lifetime?
  • What is the message you’re trying to tell me through my health problems?
  • What is it you want me to know about my relationship with…?
  • What do I need to do next on my spiritual path?
  • What is my life’s work?

In complement with DreamWork, we taught CTypes to others who would in turn enhance and heal their relationships at home with family, at work with colleagues, and with friends and acquaintances. More importantly, I used CTypes to better understand myself and solve problems that could be addressed in no other way.

In working with students and clients in both business and personal situations, I found that once they experienced DreamWork and CTypes, many wanted to do little else. A specific dream or series of dreams often became the centerpiece and catalyst for a complete life “makeover.” CTypes meanwhile brought almost immediate positive results in enhancing relationships and understanding others. They also proved to be invaluable in understanding life’s problems and providing effective solutions. In short, they explained the inexplicable, particularly the many differences in the way people experience life and relate with their world based on how an individual thinks. Together CTypes and DreamWork act as infallible guides in the process of living a transforming life. Buy CTypes and DreamWork Books Here.