The DNA of the Mind and Relationships

CTypes – The DNA of the Mind and Thinking

bigstock Neurons 5563023 300x187 The DNA of the Mind and RelationshipsThe purpose of life for we humans has something to do with learning, growing, and evolving to higher levels of conscious awareness. The way we do this is through learning experiences. It’s built into our DNA. So are CTypes.

How we think dramatically influences how we learn. How we think also determines what we experience in life, including the learning experiences we pull to ourselves. CTypes are a powerful mechanism for pulling the life experiences to each of us that allow us to grow and evolve elegantly. In fact, because CTypes determine how we think, they are nothing less than a gating force for the evolution of human consciousness.

As individuals, we know from experience that we get in trouble in life when we do too much of our natural CType. We also know that the solution to these life problems is to move toward our opposite CTypes. Now let’s expand that out a little further to include family and friends.

We know from experience that members of our families and our friends also create problems in their lives when they do too much of their natural CTypes. Again, the solution to the problems is for them to move toward their opposites. Expanding this CType principle even more to include communities, cities, and even countries, we see that the problems created between groups of people (even very large groups), are primarily a function of the leaders of those groups doing too much of their natural CType. Followers, under stress, often do even more of their natural CTypes resulting in cascading issues that show up as world problems.

Expanding one more step to include all of humanity, we can make a strong case that the big problems faced by humanity and our planet are a result of humans doing too much of their natural CType thinking. Doing too much of our natural CType is a response to the thinking mind’s natural resistance to change and growth. This natural resistance to change by the thinking mind brings with it many learning experiences. However, with these learning experiences there also come wonderful opportunities to move to our opposites thus raising conscious awareness and solving problems.

CTypes, like DNA, are blueprints for life. In DNA’s case, the blueprint is of the building of the human body. In the case of CTypes, the blueprint is for the construction of the human mind. While DNA contains within it the information for growing the body, it also provides a methodology for healing a sick or injured body. Like DNA for the body, CTypes too offer both the learning/growing aspect of an evolving mind and a function for healing a sick, injured or “stuck” mind. The learning/growing aspect of the mind is our natural CType. The healing/evolving aspect of the mind is the move toward our opposite CType.

Welcome to CTypes, the DNA of the mind. Thank you, thank you, thank you (David’s Relationship Mantra)