Awareness – The Foundation for Deeply Meaningful Relationships

Find True Love? Save Your Marriage? Save the World? – Try a Little Awareness First

bigstock Woman Looks Realizes Oh 24644311 225x300 Awareness – The Foundation for Deeply Meaningful RelationshipsI’ve been doing a lot of reflecting recently. This probably comes with getting older and hopefully a little wiser. But no matter how much I meditate, practice, read, or teach, there is one principle that is always front and center in sustainably changing life at work and at home. That is the power and necessity of AWARENESS as the starting point for creating more conscious CTypes. Awareness of what? Awareness of the nature of the mind to create individual realities. CType, as powerful as it is,  is only useful if we are aware of it in real time.

Left unattended, as most minds are, the mind will create problems in life by doing too much of our natural CType  and we will be dragged along for the ride. Unaware of the nature of the mind to do more of what is creating our problems in the first place, most humans spend their lives being manipulated by the unconscious mind. We are born, our CTypes are created, we are domesticated to believe in the existing fear-based reality of the planet, we spend our lives trying to somehow make the existing reality work out for us or our loved ones, the body gets old and dies, and the mind soon follows. This is “our” life when our minds run the show. It’s so “normal” that it’s virtually unquestioned by the unaware.

This is why high levels of awareness are so important for conscious CTypes. Without awareness, the choice to proactively move toward our opposite CType (thus solving problems and growing personally and spiritually,  are impossible. Without awareness, we get what the mind dishes out and call it life. This life is far from being ours. We are so much more than our minds. We are pure light, love and energy that is one with the whole of all energy, both physical and non-physical. What we think and believe, no matter how strongly we believe, is perfect illusion. If it was true, we couldn’t think it. Thinking is the realm of the mind, yes? If it was true, we couldn’t believe it. Believing is the realm of the mind, yes? However, if we’re willing to do the CType work to transform our fear-based thoughts and beliefs to ones based in love, we move ever closer to truth. Shall we become more conscious CTypes together?

Thank you for reading my words. Thank you, thank you, thank you (David’s Relationship Mantra).

With conscious admiration and respect…