Scorpio Humor – Linda Gets a New Chair – Part I

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Scorpio – The Master of Relationships – At Least According to Me

People seem to enjoy my humor so I decided to include a little snippet each Monday. Most of this humor is based upon real life incidents with Linda and me but are slightly exaggerated. You may see a little of my Scorpio CType and Linda’s Sagittarius CType here. You may also see a little of your relationships in these little bites of levity. Enjoy and I hope these brighten your Monday’s in some small way.


As the man of the house, it’s my job to solve problems. Linda’s computer chair in her office broke and I gallantly stepped forward to solvid the problem. I would buy her the best office chair money could buy (assuming a price not greater than $25.00). Linda suggested that she should buy the chair so she could test different models to find the right fit for her while at the computer.  I would hear none of this nonsense, instead relating my credentials as an expert on chairs. After all, I’ve been sitting in chairs for years and know what I’m doing.

I found one on sale at Furniture-Is-Us Depot, a discount store I’d research on the Internet. Originally it had been $499.99 marked down to $29.99, a little more than I wanted to spend, but who could pass up a deal like this. I particularly liked the bright orange color over that drab black or grey Linda had suggested. It reminded me of when the rising sun first peeks over the mountains from the top of the Pyramid of the Sun in Teohihuacan. Something about this chair was almost mystical.

This beauty adjusted three different ways for maximum comfort and even had a vibrator in the neck and shoulder area for relaxing the muscles while working on the computer. I worked a deal with the stupid sales guy where I put down only $25.00 and then $10.00 per month, and get this—NO INTEREST UNTIL 2014! The chair is being delivered tomorrow, some assembly required. I can hardly wait to see Linda’s face when she sees this baby. To be continued…