CTypes For Professionals Training Package

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A Key Training for Coaches, Counselors, Teachers and Therapists

The CTypes for Professionals Training is a Game-Changer for coaches, counselors, teachers, therapists or others who are assisting people as professionals. Imagine adding a tool to your toolbox that enhanced everything you do—exponentially! HeaderCT no logo 300x33 CTypes For Professionals Training PackageImagine your clients or students, with your guidance, getting to the source of any problem in minutes—instead of hours, days, weeks or not at all. Imagine further that when you addressed that problem, it stayed resolved. That’s the power of CTypes in the hands of a trained professional.

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David & Linda Model What They Teach

Included in each training package is everything you will need to begin using CTypes to work at deeper, more meaningful levels with your clients, just as Linda and David have been doing for more that 20 years. Of course, as you work with clients, you will also find CTypes brings many benefits for you too—both at work and at home. As all great teachers know, we teach what we need to learn and we learn the most when we teach. With the practice of CTypes, prepare to expand your awareness, in the process healing or deepening your most important relationships. Game-Changers in life affect all areas of life, yes? This is a natural progression for Professionals using CTypes.

What’s included in the CTypes for Professionals Package:

The complete Introduction to CTypes Training, which includes:

A complete set of videos that:

  • Introduce you to CTypes
  • Answer your most frequently asked questions
  • Address using CTypes with family, friends, and at work
  • Introduce you to each of the 12 CTypes
  • Explain the source of problems for each of the 12 CTypes
  • Provide a “can’t miss” solution for solving problems with any CType

A 72 page Introduction to CTypes Workbook (includes 3 helpful charts for each CType). The value of the Introduction to CTypes Package is $143.93.


The Complete CTypes for Professionals Package, which includes:

A complete set of videos that:

  • Introduce you to CTypes for Professionals
  • Answer your most frequently asked questions
  • Address the 8 Key Principles for Professionals in using CTypes in their practice
  • A 5-part exercise that will make CTypes real in your own life
  • Teach you a process to make any client’s problems visible
  • Teach you a process for going deeper into any problem to find its source
  • Teach you a process using CTypes to resolve any problem
  • A case study of working with a client using CTypes
  • Remarkable Results

A 59 page CTypes for Professionals Workbook

A complete set of 144 CType Guides for Couples (a $495 value). Each 14-page guide contains:

  • General guidelines on how CTypes can be used to deepen couples relationships
  • Essential information you need to know about your specific CType
  • Your CType Do’s and Don’ts
  • Insights on how to relate with any CType
  • A four-step strategy for resolving difficulties and growing any relationship
  • Advice on how to approach someone you are interested in regardless of their CType
  • A detailed description of your partner’s, or prospective mate’s, CType and how those traits affect the way they approach romantic relationships
  • What you need to know in order to attract, communicate with, and nurture a relationship with a specific CType partner
  • Four CType-specific tips for growing the relationship with your partner

A complete set of 144 CType Guides for Leaders and Managers (a $540 value). Each 10-page guide contains:

  • Essential information you need to know about your specific CType
  • Insights on how to work with any CType
  • Important CType principles that apply to everyone
  • A four-step strategy for addressing any workplace relationship matter
  • An effective tool for motivating an employee or peer to take proactive action toward improving his or her performance and behavior
  • A detailed description of the employee’s or peer’s CType and how those traits affect workplace aptitudes, performance, and behavior
  • A set of specific actions you can take to solve problems with any CType employee or peer and set that employee or peer up to be successful in his/her job
  • David Dibble’s real life examples of working with that CType in the workplace

Copies of David’s books, CTypes for Couples and CTypes – Models for Relating (a $19.98 value)

The total value of these items if purchased separately is $1190, but as an introductory course, this complete CTypes for Professionals Package is just $149. To get started right away, click here.